FindYourBest, That'sYourHighness

by Various Artists

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“FindYourBest, That’sYourHighness” is a music compilation entirely produced by Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG/The.XS Collective. This project features artists that the producer works closely with such as; Big Getta (BNF), Enero (BNF), RoyalAyce (DSC), Phir-One (DSC), Kwizyne (1or8 Faction) and his fellow rhymesayers from The.XS Collective.

The mood conveyed in this project varies from hardhitting hiphop beats and lyricism to swag drippin' freshness to personal emotions expressed through music.

The overall auditory experience sculpted by Rauzan and his peers let listeners find the best within one’s self to elevate towards another level of highness.


released July 1, 2011

Executive Producer: Rauzan Rahman
Cover Artwork: Mean


all rights reserved


Track Name: Yennadoushiii feat. X'Sylum - Highness
Title: Highness
Artists: Yennadoushiii feat. X'Sylum
Written by: Yennadoushiii, Ilohshix & Only XSon
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman
Additional scratches by: The IZA
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]
Sshhhh, don't wake the lion, let us sleep again.
I have xsylum, causing pain, till you go insane.
Insane is gila, like crazy 88,
We bring back the thriller.
So what's the weather, Mr. Weathermayne?
Should we stand guard for the stormy rain?
Should I gather all the brethren?
Wait, you knew BrandNew, we be better then,
You, cos we're on a different high,
I levitate, and you just, fly.
You prolly know who I'm talking bout.
But I'm dumb, I don't know what you're talking bout.
BNF don't be an ass.
A giant among the men, and I'm still .XS.
We don't bow to your highness.
We are the finest, our very own highness.

[Chorus - Scratches by The IZA]

[Verse 2 - Ilohshix]
i fucking hate you like the germans hated paul the octopus
i couldn't stand the awkwardness of weak raps by snobbish kids
so provocative, rap arsonists
with arms that'll leave you armless kids fried up like omelets
we burning hot like summer kid
fists remaining warm like some sauna shit
hmm, where the fuck is your persona?
no where around the corner pfft, common shit
its numerous, nonetheless your pretentiousness got me anxious bitch
this scene is fucked and it cant be fixed
if this was emo, i'll probably slit me wrists
but all i did was to clench my fists
you want meat? yo, my beef is big
so eat my beefy stick, no homo
living life in mono, surreal like lomo
kill you like soko, ready to beat down you fancy fags
till you motherfuckers handicapped

[Chorus - Scratches by The IZA]

[Verse 3 - Only XSon]
These emcees dont spit lines no more
'Cos they're Pre-Paid
They believe that if you mainstream
the line You will be paid
But fuck that my boy Rauzan
On a weekly basis making beats
and frequent mixtapes
BrandNewFeeling we do whatever it takes
And we always got time / Your shit is a mistake
Now who Got Beats? like our Foundation
I'll Zero your Memory like a Thief
So now it's all taken
BNF since '04 / 5 stars rating
Sick Boy 'cos 7, 8 and counting
And that's why my art of rhyming is exciting
If I'm not sick enough
Alien Tongue gives you some sightings
Gone Goa like Psytrance
Gone Mad like I'm psycho
Gun pointing type of flow
And oh/ Welcome to X'Sylum/ Sign In please
If this dope is too much for you /
Silence please
Track Name: Royal'Ayce - WipeOut
Title: WipeOut
Artist: Royal'Ayce
Written by: Royal'Ayce & PhirOne
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

To all ya'll dopeboyz and dopegirls who's tunin' in
With tha supafly swag classic ever
It's tha King with a whole new level ya know what i'm sayin'
Rauz, i gotchu

[Verse 1]
You be checkin' ma swag cause i'm way too flyer
Still classified, ma cliques ain't retire
Ay Brand New Empire still on the same ground
Guardin' Lion City now these haters goin down
See i'm tha top notch now where have you been
Seein' A.Star comin' in the big screen
Upholdin' SG cause you know tha King is illy
With a supafly swag now you say tha King is silly
So lesson no. 1, not to meddle with tha sire'
I'm flyer than tha birds with desire goin higher
And better bow down wherever i walk through
Cause i turn tha heat up wherever i want to
Lesson no. 2, never cross tha click clack
Admitted i fall, but i've always come back
Haters on set, when i hit it with a track
Bow down to tha King, pledge allegiance to ma swag

Aite hold up partnas, hold up
I want ya'll to do tha new dance
No more stressin' ya'll goddamit
Just do tha dance and ya'll gon feel better
Real talk ya feel me
Ay, Brand New Feeling

Wipe it in, Wipe it out (Wipe it out)
Let me tell ya somethin' what this song about (Song about)
Wipe it in, Wipe it out (Wipe it out)
To them haters all around i wipe it out (I wipe it out)
Wipe it in, Wipe it out (Wipe it out)
Ay putcha goodself in and walk it out (Walk it out)
Wipe it in, Wipe it out (Wipe it out)
We can do it all night boy ya better check ya swagger out

[Verse 2]
So lesson no. 3 yea ya bet i got connections
From tha Wheatermayne Rauz, now ya see Phat G's in action
Dedication to tha scene cause we gotta keep it movin'
No more drama, yea we gotta keep it movin'
No more thrillin', if ya really wanna chill
Never ever cut tha deal when ya really wanna kill
Set tha standards in the city like i always do
Now thats lesson no. 4 partna ya better do it too
I do it for maself and never care about tha cops
Three time felon partna, now my case all drop
Ay lesson no. 5 real truth respect this hustle
Like my partna Big G gon get his flows do the tussle
Ain't no problem i put Dueces on the map
Flyz in tha west, gettin' work all track
Choco's all set, Noch i gotchu laid back
Dem Jerk Boyz homie got them talkin' all brag

Yo Rauz, tha scene is too pretty in here ya see
Lets take them back to the original scene where it's spossed to partna
Dome Squad Clique, ya'll already know that homie


Ay ya'll already know ma clique homebwoi
Tha top notch nothern region empire
Brand New Empire
Everythang i'm dealin' with is on fiyah
King In New Generation homie.
Track Name: Rauzan - Rabid
Title: Rabid
Artist: Rauzan Rahman
Written by: Rauzan Rahman
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

I'm a Rabid of my work,
My style, my words,
My flow, and my beats,
Yeah whutever man.

[Verse 1]
In for the win,
and I work twice as hard as if I's born with a twin,
If you could weigh my deeds and pack em in stacks I'm sure you too will understand that I'm all about the facts,
And I'm all about the X,
I keep em up for my pax but others don't think whut they rep,
Its represent I meant,
They represent and went,
Way too far with their fanatic sentiment,
let me verse like,
It aint mean you wear red yous all blood tight I suggest you understand your own bloodline,
Code, now quote the whole rhyme might,
Stab you in the heart and I'll make sure it bleeds out right and beats out right,
My beat's whut you like right, right
So I might just write like,
See imma Rabid of myself,
And a Rabid of himself,
Will never Rabid any else,
Ouh wells I


[Verse 2]
I'm not a wise man,
But I need a wise rhyme,
Write a wise track,
Put together all this wise line,
Imma excel,
Expel all these bunny fools,
Hoping on a rabid,
But not talking bout that rabbit fools,
I ate your verse and my tummy's full,
pass me the drinks I need wings coz your rhymes bull, (RedBull)
Your shits raided,
R rated it bad so,
Stop all your stupid silly lines on the mic bro,
And I might go,
Rabid on that line yaw,
Stop all your stupid silly lines on the mic bro,
Repeated twice,
Very nice for the stop gang,
Traffic light and Im pointing on the stop glare,
Get it,
you might not don't worry,
Its a code, go solve it, open mind very widely,
See I'm a rabid of myself
And a rabid of himself
Will never rabid any else,
Ouh wells I

Track Name: Azrael - Robot
Title: Robot
Artist: Azrael
Written by: Azrael
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Additional Vocals by: Zaki Razali
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Verse 1]
I was designed by the heavenly forces in God's faculty/
Manufactured and assembled on earth's factory/
The algorithm of my rhythm was Carefree/
Unfortunately I didn't come with a warranty/
Pre-programned with a heart and a soul/
But it always crash every time it gets cold/
With no backup to perform a recovery/
So through the years the real me became a memory/
A cyborg emulatin' human capacity/
Rendering binary soundwaves into melody/
I'm trapped in a frame of a mecha-humanoid android/
Searchin' for love and peace that could fill up a man's void/
Pinocchio-bot i wanna be a real boy/
but it's hard not to lie and be real boy/
And when my heart got synced to a counterpart/
I feel my system overload and I'm blown apart/

She treats me like a robot-robot-robot-robot-ro....
She treats me like a robot-robot-robot-robot-ro....
She treats me like a robo...

[Verse 2]
My digital heart/ I'ma paint it gold/
And I'm always by your side: C3PO/
Uh I can't deny that my heart is true/
and I always got ya back: R2D2/
But you tried to fix my every bug with an update/
And I thought it was a firmware upgrade/
my whole system got hacked and reprogrammed
I lost data that I couldn't reload, damn/
Uploaded my soul through your software/
Sparepart take piece of my hardware/
Thought I was selfless but I became helpless/
Should I repair myself or call a helpdesk?/
Smile-simulator hides the frown/
You prolly should cut the chords and shut me down/
Coz my whole system is infected with a virus/
Causing a leak as water fill up the iris/

Track Name: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon & Rauzan - Yes
Title: Yes
Artists: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon & Rauzan
Written by: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon & Rauzan
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]
Amidst debauchery I, gotta devour this.
As I derive my words, that depicts like a french kiss.
I'm mentally deranged, now I'm friends with the monsters.
Yes, yes I descend with the Genghis wrath.
Leading you straight to your own death path.
Sets you in trance, with chorus and hooks.
No books, you can't fucking read me.
Your compositions can't even defeat we.

[Verse 2 - Big Getta]
Yes yes Big Getta on the mic again
i got that brandnewfeelin but im still the same
we wild and untamed
came to the game with that homie Rauz
lioncity standup welcome to my house
get in or get out this is what we do always make it loud
hating on us what you hating bout
is it my sick deliveries makin haters feverish
tryna jag ma swag ya'll better stop that theiverish
haters listen here now this aint juz some gibberish
dolla dolla bills yo we wanna be jigga rich
get to the level bitch know who you dealing with
we dont get drunk but we set the bar you sitting in
feeling so fresh who datx3 BRANDNEWFEELING is.

Yes Yes BrandNewFeelinG Up in This/
Find Your Best That's Your Highness
Yes Yes BrandNewFeelinG Up in This/
Find Your Best That's Your Highness
Yes Yes Man/ Yes Yes Yall
Yes Yes Man/ Yes Yes Yall
Yes Yes Man/ Yes Yes Yall
Yes Yes Yall

[Verse 3 - Only XSon]
I think really got this
Even if I'm not high enough
And if only my hype permits
I'ma go gonzo on you hyenas
On this damn toilet papers
I'm stuck with the ink to flow
I guess I need to write more shit
I'm not speaking in metaphors
Straining my muscles to pen a verse
So this rhyme is masculine
Regardless to how many listeners there is
I'm still writing for doper means
Here's something for your dopamine
Since I'm clean here's a doper me
Speaking of which
Try to figure between my fingers
And feed on my figure of speech

[Verse 4 - Rauzan]
This something like a Good Friday, my day
I get my camp together BrandNewFeelinG doin our way,
yes man, Find Your Best That's Your Highness,
we be going so high now even NASA try to find us, yeah,
we sky Rokit-ing fools,
speakers going louder, louder, ooh,
you see I'm rolling with the best,
XS, BrandNewFeelinG, NVMBR,
there's no contest fools

Track Name: FYBTYH Shoutouts 1
Title: FYBTYH Shoutouts 1
Artists: Various Artists
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded by: Various Sources
Mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

Shoutouts by:

DJ CZA (Kartel)
Kwizyne (1or8 Faction)
Mark Bonafide
Mad Loco (Defianto)
Hafez Masterpiece (Pushin'On)
Martin Deuce (DomeSquadClique)
Track Name: Jay-One feat. Azrael & Rauzan - FlyBoys
Title: FlyBoys
Artists: Jay-One feat. Azrael & Rauzan
Written by: Azrael, Jay-One & Rauzan
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Verse 1 - Azrael]
I'm done talkin bout them planes & spaceships/
I'm on another plane i am on that Buraq trip/
Google what a 'Buraq' is/
And that's how high the level of my ascend is/
We beyond space n time/ intertwine with the cosmos/of bass n rhymes/
So you never see me coz I'm not in sight/
but here's an insight: stay fly from the inside/
Elevate with these skytops/
Meditate: go samadhi with these rhyme thoughts/
so whats in and whats not?/
That sounds so silly I dont give a care really/
Call me the monochrome hippie/
No tie dye but the colours within me/
Yeah I be the microphone gypsy/
The Flow is sky high come & levitate with me/

[Chorus - Rauzan]
Can you see we so high
Moonwalkin on the sky
Chillin on the cloud 9
I'm a FlyBoy
We so fly so fresh
Kids wanna be like us
but needs a fly pass
I'm a FlyBoy
We don't need no G6
Dress fly as hell
Kicks fresh so sick
I'm a fly boy
We so fly, boy
So high, boy
Now get high, boy

[Verse 2 - Jay-One]
I'm so fly you would think there's no gravity
If fly was an art i would be the whole gallery
I keep it fresh with the greens no celery (salary)
choke arteries stay phat but no calorie
It's like I strap on wings so Awie
in my academy we don't sing no Mawi
even if we do we on key never lari
king of the sky/ bird's eye; rajawali
skywalk among clouds so Anakin
I'm the chosen one don't believe me ask the brethren
yeah/I got ties with the weatherman
Brand new season with the brandnewfeelin'
Yeah/so fly I'm your pilot
Rhyme so dope/emcees wanna pirate
yes/gotta style so tasty
Tender like them mad porkchops gila babi

[Chorus - Rauzan]

[Verse 3 - Rauzan]
Look up at the sky,
its a bird, its a plane,
XS mothfucker we be doin in-saint, argh,
surfing on a plane like rem,
standing on a jet,
fly high with no wings, argh,
you can call me superman,
coz I be doing everything
and anything with 1 hand I,
but at least I make the beats,
I be writing on a Jet,
I grill more heat, argh,
Jayone, Azrael,
on a heat to burn you suckers,
that's a bomb like a B2,
B1 no banana man,
I may rap in pajamas
time for bed all you suckers man,
if you think this shit is fly,
you so right and you feeling so high,
that's our height, right
XS by name, XL by skills,
BrandNewFeelinG on the mix FlyBoys we the shit lah

[Chorus - Rauzan]
Track Name: Kwizyne - Evils On My Side
Title: Evils On My Side
Artist: Kwizyne
Written by: Kwizyne
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Nisal Gangdage @ Audio Labs, Sri Lanka

[Verse 1]
Its kwizyne on the bookout day
comin(cummin) at your face like japanese bukake
Spittin at the media like Suge had Tupac bailed
luck 'stroke' the master (mastur-)
she took my bait (bate)
oh oh Oh oh my Lord i pray
the semester's lectures wont make us students
play 'violin' on our wrist
unless ya Vanessa Mae
in the booth which of you mixed
Gin and Juice in my cup
now i gotta drop ish
Like 2 girls and a cup
the authorised dealer
stealer of the bass
like Babe Ruth in the thump.
spit the 'inked' in a blink like octopus
just to get Milf pay you for a hump
please stay tuned for the umm....

I'm the fiend and I got my mask off
Tell these people get their hands off me
And I'll be alright
coz the Evils On My Side
On my side. On my side
Got the evils on my side
On my side. On my side
Got the evils on my side

[Verse 2]
Talk is cheap. Thought is free
Walk is ex. The price is right
hence i birth a millionaire
from selling mine to cash converter
My rendition of Rick and Russell Simmons
tussell victims
i dont fight 'chickens' i'll eat up
like Peter Griffin
not me cup of tea
less its worth milkin', Pearls sinked in.
thats 'sweet talk'.
yall 'green' with envy.
Beef of veggie's wheat mocks
'pumped' up like reebok's tongues
cheap shots swung.
get 'boxed' like metal gear solid
for stickin out your head like lochness


[Verse 3]
The unmasked villain sinning.
back from pilgrim
standin out from a batch for draft pickin
system hacked for laughin gas traffickin
you know me O.D. laxative in pen and pad
snap mad 'pixels'
like a 'tapped strippin jap filmin'
arcades tag 'Heroes' lackin 'Gibsons'(Guitar)
No 'we'(Wii) just 'I'
like I'm just 'Mac' no 'Nintendo'
to the max in the Max Pavilion
my singles got my cat out the bag
that i bag 'chickies'
like the man behind 'finger-lickin' ads.
easy if bimbos.
just chat british, call it bad singlish
Short-sighted to haters like Katt Williams
kidnap children buildin rep
and trap in crack, buliding. Ceilings that
will collapse
Track Name: Rauzan feat. Only XSon - Wanted Me To Stay
Title: Wanted Me To Stay
Artists: Rauzan feat. Only XSon
Written by: Rauzan & Only XSon
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

[Chorus - Rauzan]
See I know,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
I know,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
they wanted me to stay,
I know,
they wanted me to stay,
So I say,

[Verse 1 - Rauzan]
see i know what they be talking bout,
my rhymes needs pouring out,
feelings needs some sorting out,
so I need my moment now,
you see it as my moments proud,
I see it as my moment doubt,
troubled in my mind by the things I hope about,
bout the things I write about,
its about my passion and,
goals I'm reaching out but seems like it's hardening
tell me how,
tell me who can come to rescue me,
rescue me from this twisted fantasy of mine,
come and rescue me

[Chorus - Rauzan]

[Verse 2 - Only XSon]
My heart was struck by passionate art
Write up poetry while thinking it's smart
Each verse was pressed and written by heart
Each day they wished I vanished or depart
They want me to stay / They want me out
Probably because it's hard to figure me out
We lost / We gain benefit of their doubt
Why take it too hard for crying out loud
They want me to say / They want me to stop
They want me to stay or they want me to drop
I never intend to reach for the topwill collapse

[Chorus - Rauzan]
Track Name: Kill Bill feat. Sheeq Luna - GoodBye
Title: GoodBye
Artists: Kill Bill feat. Sheeq Luna
Written by: Kill Bill
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Intro - Sheeq Luna]
Are you really here
Or am I dreaming
I can't tell dreams from truth
For it's been so long
Since I have seen you
I can hardly remember
Your face anymore
When I get really lonely
And the distance causes our silence
I think of you smiling
With pride in your eyes
A lover that sighs

[Verse 1 - Kill Bill]
It's been awhile since I seen your face
Taking awhile just to get the memories erased
Thought I'd pass it by in time like a fucking phase
I tried to change it all but you never fucking stayed
Your heart strayed, when it was home and the only place
My heart could find peace even in the darkest days
You left it all and you left without a trace
Now these shadows that I chase, damn I need a breathing space
And I'm still tryna figure out where I went wrong
But I still can't figure out how we never lasted long
And the hardest part of moving on
Pretending that your love is gone
Pretending that you love no more
Going back on everything you swore
Dreaming fairytales yeah I know it's a lie
And if that fairy don't come by at least I know I tried
At least I give a reason for these tears that I cried
Hold your picture to the sky and I still cant say goodbye (she said)

[Chorus X2 - Sheeq Luna]
If you want me satisfy me (let me go let me go)
If you want me satisfy me (and I wish you never said goodbye)

[Verse 2 - Kill Bill]
In every single letter you used to say forever
We used to be together now these pieces that I gather
From the heart that you once shattered
Walked away like I din't matter
Gave away everything now you ain't even a stranger
Now I'm lying in my bed thinking it could have been better
If I was more mature maybe we would have seen future
You not present in my present had me thinking bout the past
And I'm dying everyday not a single day go pass
Without your thought in my mind and all the love in my chest
Regret in my heart so many feelings unexpressed
I was blessed to have the best now I'm left with nothing left
If God put us together, we'll meet in heaven upon death
It wasnt love at first sight I learnt to love by your side
Now without you by my side it feels lonely inside
I guess I never did enough you were never satisfied
Now you with another, I guess your love was just a lie

[Chorus X2 - Sheeq Luna]
Track Name: Big Getta & Enero - In My System
Title: In My System
Artists: Big Getta & Enero
Written by: Big Getta & Enero
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

[Chorus - Big Getta]
Pardon ma interuption let me just take a moment
silence all phones and bitches as i begin the session
Hip Hop is in ma system i do it for the passion
i put it all in action spit fire like a dragon

[Verse 1 - Enero]
When I keep my head down it ain't because I'm depressed/
It ain't to think less of me but to think of me less/
So I could spend more energy out on giving respect/ A
nd inspire those who aren't quite into it yet/
'ginning with friends, acquaintance then finally you/
Like six degrees of separation divided by two/
Generous with praises when it's rightfully due/
Though I excelled in self-hatred just minus the truth/
Don't play any instruments to say I'm musically inclined/
When opinions are at mix I'd just stupidly deny it/
Thank you for the music; you should've been acknowledged/
Is there a collateral for being neutral with the biased/
Paradigm shifting - renewal of the mindset/
Find your best, man that's your highness

[Chorus - Big Getta]

[Verse 2 - Big Getta]
On to the 2nd verse shit about to get worst
who else is on the list i wont miss i got to check first
attack first i don't ever wanna get hurt
air forces and dope shirts just a menace with dope words
even though most ma words hurt i'm glad that ma words heard
Cobain like ma names Kurt a drop out with no certs
In Utero nevermind numero uno in your mind
need no intro coz i'm fine probably the finest on the grind
yeah i'll be ageing like a wine colour red be the warning sign
everytime i shine reminds you of the morning sun
on to the next one just as soon as i'm done
i ain't got to be first but i'm the one the streets chose son
ain't even here to boast son here to make a toast son
for those who came before me pioneers who laid the road son
Hip Hop wont be bosan(boring) just as long as i'm here son
coz this is my hustle my sweat and my tears son

[Chorus - Big Getta]
Track Name: FYBTYH Shoutouts 2
Title: FYBTYH Shoutouts 2
Artists: Various Artists
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded by: Various Sources
Mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

Shoutouts by:
HQA (Rebel Scum/Rogue Squadron)
Cesar Comanche (Justice League)
Shigga Shay
DJ Oliie Des (Supa Fellaz)
Kiat (Qilin/Syndicate/HomeClub)
DJ Iman (Kartel)
Track Name: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon, Shino & Rauzan - Feelin' My Style
Title: Feelin' My Style
Artists: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon, Shino & Rauzan
Written by: Yennadoushiii, Big Getta, Only XSon, Shino & Rauzan
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

Feelin' My Style/ Feelin'-Feelin' My Style
Feelin'- Feelin' My Style/ BrandNewFeelinG My Team
Feelin' My Style/ Feelin'-Feelin' My Style
Feelin'- Feelin' My Style/ BrandNewFeelinG My Team
BrandNewFeelinG/ BrandNewFeelinG My Team
BrandNewFeelinG/ BrandNewFeelinG My Team

[Verse 1 - Yenndoushiii]
Repping underground, no radio play we still banging.
We Dress so prep, even rap in tight jeans.
If you're wearing tight jeans, you can't be where I'm in.
You're a fallout, all you do is fill in.
Feeling my style, feeling feeling my team,
if you ain't feeling our shit, you be feeling my dick.
You Feeling feeling get cream, feeling feeling all bling.
I be filling my dream, brand new feeling my team.

[Verse 2 - Big Getta]
feelin sky high chasing ma dream
if you feelin ma style then you feelin ma team
the heat that i bring blow your top off like steam
i'm knocking down haters see them topple like wimps
And it seems to me that we always have the upper hand
when it comes to this homies muthafuck them other brands
i'm a soulja like i told ya smoking on Jamaica buffalo soulja.

[Verse 3 - Only XSon]
Yo figure out what I figured most
You really thought I feel those
Who could come up with that feeler quotes / No
And you know I don't fit to those
So what if you'za Feeler once
Shit happens when the feeling goes
Now let me change the script so you could just get it man
I'ma get my armour and guard my Axe Gang from drama
I am calmer even if its Armageddon
You can go for the fame and glamour
But I predict the worse in you
You can call me Nostradamus

[Verse 4 - Shino]

[Verse 5 - Rauzan]
I be feeling my style,
feeling my team,
feeling my Axe Gang Members,
I'm the dream,
homie what you know about,
the lion city ruckus,
breaking all the moves,
all the foreign don't test us,
stepping up my game,
I be using all the energy,
don't be mad at me
see how i fuse consuming synergy,
I be all that walk,
while you haters do the talk,
BrandNewFeelinG on lock,
see how we fill in our dreams
Track Name: Only XSon - Lost Your Mind
Title: Lost Your Mind
Artist: Only XSon
Written by: Only XSon
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Verse 1]
You don't know what it's like
To hear voices of your own
Different versions / Different thoughts
Differed from your tone
The barriers of my mind / Finally disintegrating
Find myself disordered / Disinterested / Disorientating
The dark is enough / To scare my day from coming back
Bright lights turns to pitch black/ It's not even the peak yet
I feel like death is spying
Saw my soul escaping
Not wanting what's inviting
I'm no different from a dying man
Like Burning Man / I'm dedicated to a radical self-reliance
But I lost myself and common senses

Fear had grew and spread like wildflowers and fireflies
As time flies / Causing panic heat like wildfires

Here I am / Lost again
Pulse is thin / Questions lost within

I really wanna go with the wind

But my system and these thoughts

Just had me running away from the demon I will find
Trapped in the corners of my mind


So I ran away / But I lost my mind

I wanted to stay / I wanna see my prize

[Verse 2]

I woke up on what it seems

To a requiem for my dream

I'm surprised / I'm still alive

Depsite I was near demise / So cleanse me God

Lend me eyes / So when I die

I'll see past these empty skies

And see if really I can fly?

A dysphoric / This fall just means I've gone this far

Maybe I'm this folly / For my notion have gone distort

Gotta live with regrets / Proceed to relive / Resorting to restart

Never knew this pain exists / But convinced to stay calm and face this scar

Misery's nothing compared to what I've been through

I've crossed the threshold of your mental as you read through

You'd figured I'm disfigured judging by my rhyme scheme

Ask yourself what would it feels like to be in my skin

Where here I am / Lost again
Pulse is thin / Questions lost within

I really wanna go with wind

But my system and these thoughts

Just had me running away from the demon I will find

Trapped in the corners of my mind
Track Name: Mean - Long Gone
Title: Long Gone
Artists: Mean
Written by: Mean & Rauzan Rahman
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Additional Vocals by: Rauzan
Recorded & mixed by: The IZA @ The.XS Lab

[Intro - Mean]
you've been playing in my mind for too long
and i've been thinking bout you lately tell me what did i do wrong do wrong
what did i do wrong? our love is so long gone

[Chorus - Rauzan & Mean]
you've been playing in my mind for too long
(you've been playing in my mind)
and i've been thinking bout you lately tell me what did i do wrong
(what did i do wrong)

[Verse 1 - Mean]
well its been long gone since i heard from you
felt your touch and shower you with all the love and care
so tell me do you even care about me now
i thought we had it sorted out, tell me what's this all about
my heart is fading out, my flame is dying out
i'm trying and trying to keep you out of my head
but its only you i see the moment i try to shut my brain dead with hate
is this fate? was i ever born to hate? like a tyrant i am now, of myself / i'm afraid
whatever... happened to our lust / my heart's turning to steel and its beginning to rust / who am i to trust?
can you please put the pieces of my heart together and fix it back with an iron cast / it didn't last
but let me finish last / moving kinda fast, i never had the time to ask / how you really felt about us
and all the shit in our past / i confess / i haven't been a nice guy / don't even have to ask why
but this heart beats for you with every breathe till the day that i die
and with my heart in my head i shall release you instead
and in the shadows i lay hidden, death comforts me instead


[Verse 2 - Mean]

now i'm grounded and jaded / i'm fixated with a heart so full of hatred
i'm in my world of thoughts / twisting heads, bodies decapitated
from the scene i've long awaited / i'm in my darkest days
its the eclipse the sun has faded /
it maybe hard to swallow / a tear for every sorrow
you were the realest of them all and like a tweet i follow
for every bottle that i drink to chase away the sorrow /
i pray to god that i'll be long gone / never see tomorrow
i thought i had you in a grasp right at the palm of my hand
but you slipped away like a venomous snake / its hard to pretend
that i'm okay when i'm not / stay cold even when its hot
my heart is frozen you can choose whether to preheat or not
now i'm all tied up in knots / drowning in blood with the cuts
doctor can i please exchange my "heart" with a heart and restart
system shutting down like a failure i'm beginning to malfunction
so pass me the manual and tell me how i'm supposed to function

Track Name: Bloody Fat F**ks - Gets It Done
Title: Gets It Done
Artists: Bloody Fat F**ks
Written by: Mean & Yennadoushiii
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

I Gets It Done
I Gets It Done
I Gets It Done
Find Your Best
That's Your Highness

[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

I gets it done,
I get you down on your knees,
Begging please so that I don't fucking kill you lyrically
with this joint that I'm in.
Cos The joint that I'm in marks man,
headshot to marked men, call me Mr. Marksmen.
Rhyme Mercenary, flow so heavy. Mind tricks style so Jedi.
Heavy artillery.
Fuck majority, I'm extra-ordinary.
See, I mix my passion and emotion makes you motion sick,
in slow motion, guess I made a bad potion.
But you're too fake, I better not waste my time.
I'll rather lose a friend, then waste my fucking rhymes.
On you, Cos when the comrades turn to enemies,
when bros turn to foes.
Ego time bombs bout to blow.
Yes, I gets it done, I guess you're down.
Find your best find your highness, or else you're fucking done.


[Verse 2 - Mean]
Ay boy, you know who done did it on this beat
Its ya boy meanou-fuckin-taur, bitch i bring the heat
and i cook with a swag, you can call me masterchef
(Woop woop!) In the kitchen, i'll be makin up a mess
and you know i gets it done if my team ever needs me
Lion City Axe Gang, you can never see we
Under the sheets is where we'll always be
muthafuckin sleeping giants makin hits / busy bees
Hot pot / Mixin up the formula for your soul
Always fresh on a track, asian Peter Pan cold
I get high with the BrandNew / Fuck you minorities
We the higher beings, level up to my energy
Enemies are friends, so stay close on my radar
Yes i am your fan and if yousa fuckin hater
Pick a gun / Better run / Screw a cunt / Bitch you're done
Find your best, Find your highness / You're Fuckin done!

Track Name: Phir-One, Only XSon, Rauzan, Hizzy, Yennadoushiii, Jay-One & Big Getta - Road To Highness
Title: Road To Highness
Artists: PhirOne, Only XSon, Rauzan, Hizzy, Yennadoushiii, Jay-One & Big Getta
Written by: PhirOne, Only XSon, Rauzan, Hizzy, Yennadoushiii, Jay-One & Big Getta
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

[Verse 1 - Phir-One]
I maybe weak
In your eyes but
Don't judge a book
By it's cover
That inner strength in me
Could easily bring me back to
Try me!!
Don't matter what you say
Don't matter what you do
BrandNewFeeling takes you high
Find your best cause that's your highness

[Verse 2 - Only XSon]
Get familiar / Sound not similar
I drop similies / Same emphasis of philosophies
When I emphasize these syllables to scene filled with silly kids
Our Syndicates / Rau send this kicks
No radio / Just clicks of Mr 36
The Best / Find it
How high? / Climb it
What's New / We Brand it
For you so Feel it

[Verse 3 - Rauzan]
This the Road To Your Highness,
the Inner kept secrets from the best,
they still blinded,
I feel they wanna rest,
but unrest brothers,
we gotta keep on moving for the future and beyond,
so find your best,
keep feeling so fresh,
don't quit,
I'm feeling my best see my rhyme is,
gotta find my highness,
all you behind us,

[Verse 4 - Hizzy]
yes yes im searching for my best
that's why i slave my life over this pen
ive always been an underdog but that wont happen again
look at my life and look as i push the loss
try2 smooth out all the flaws
yes its true that all these feelings are forver timeless
if you feel the same kinda crisis
then come,
step into where i is.
follow me, take my hand and find highness

[Verse 5 - Yennadoushiii]
I don't bow to your highness,
Not even in light years.
Still standing strong, with the heart of a fighter.
But, I can't fight it alone,
Weakens me so hard in the heart and the bones.
But, with the power of will, in the camp that I'm in,
We're still running, amin.
So, I find my best that's my highness.
This is nothing deep but thank you my brothers.

[Verse 6 - Jay-One]
shalom/salam/peace be upon you
we the high priests/so we preach and stay true
the way our hearts' beat/we the loyals to the sifu
way our hearts' weep/for pain that we been thru
no/i've had enuff of this fakeness
a scene of tryhards/try to hard but they clueless
yes/we found our best/this our highness
we the walking sticks lead you outta the blindness

[Verse 7 - Big Getta]
Dont play with explosives its gonna break down your wall
upright when i say this standing tall
dont ever let nobody say that you cant make it yo
i came this far by spitting bars no matter how small
Yo i've been thru alot searching for my highness
feelings deep down that i drown suffocation i cant find it
then came that brand new well i knew it brought me back to live
Find your best that's your highness while you stay alive
Track Name: Rauzan feat. Phir-One & Royal'Ayce - Beginning
Title: Beginning
Artists: Rauzan feat. Phir-One & Royal'Ayce
Written by: Rauzan, Phir-One & Royal'Ayce
Produced by: Rauzan Rahman for BrandNewFeelinG
Recorded & mixed by: Rauzan Rahman

[Chorus - Phir-One]
I see myself in the mirror,
hoping things would change but it keeps on going on,
people asking me this and that,
what they thought was all so wrong,
Will I be feeling something new tonight,
will you stop hating me cause I'm on mine,
What's in your mind,
what's in your mind

[Verse 1 - Royal'Ayce]
Okay hello it's about time for the new beginning
New breathe for the scene BrandNewFeeling
Live from the King, it's about to change
With the weathermayne son, crazy hits so deranged
Excuse me, I'm about to make an announcement
Rauz, you're respected, no need for any counseling
Why they be hating, even when you're playing
Live yourself up, you'll forever be outstanding, amazing
Tell'em better check your resume
You do it for the scene but none would even wanna play
Now why is this happening, or is it just your luck?
Go ask them Rauz, now is it passion or a drug

[Chorus - Phir-One]

[Verse 2 - Rauzan]
I'm in a maze words blinded too hazy,
try to keep on moving, too lazy,
but got to move on, to moved on,
searching for the code, look on me feeling to change minds,
dudes gone, dudes gone and ears shut,
no one is listening, what I'm gonna do about it now,
nothing, wordless, as I feeling hopeless, useless,
so move less, the truest try to note us,
XS, BrandNew, NVMBR, game up,
people keep on telling me, "DUDE LAME LAH"
so I'm back to feeling so similar,
back to making beats for my team, for the game lah,
click clack, streetfam, same game lah,
what we gonna do about it huh?
change duh,
for the scene, for the better for the worst,
the beginning, missing page,
I'm still searching for my verse.

[Chorus - Phir-One]

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