Str8 Jacks Vol​.​02 (Mixed by The IZA)

by XS.One The Regiment

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Straight jacket emcees from Lion City's XS.One The Regiment are still locked up in their mental X'Sylum thus leaving the local rap scene safe from their rhyme insanity. Despite being mental patients behind crazy bars, their madhouse facility allows them to compile some mad bars over insane jacked beats.

Str8 Jacks Vol.02 is a follow-up to The.XS Collective's mixtape series featuring deranged rhymesayers from XS.One The Regiment along with a few featured affiliates. The 74min mix by The IZA, compiles a couple of released and unreleased jacked remixes from the XS.1 rhyme vault.


released August 8, 2010


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Track Name: Azrael - Resurrexion
Ayo we back from the tomb the dead
We resurrected now we sealin' your fate
Now open your mental gates
for us to enter and rejuvenate
Recuperate, then reformulate till we reanimate
The art of blendin' the words to the beats
to make it syncopate
We the dyin' breed of As.One lyricists
The forgotten legacy
From history to being legendary
Now it's just a mythology
My apologies, to the ones who came
before me with the glory
'Cause if the story ends
then find your name in orbituaries
This just a preview
so be prepared for the second coming
This shit so hot is a global warming
so head my warning
I'm a legend killer like Randy Orton
This verse will hurt you
To the young emcees coming up in the game
go back this is a curfew
My raps is simple and sharp
and holding more liquid like a Cactus, jack
I'm lacin' the mic with barb wires on every track
You can never see me,
I be that lyrical phantom menace
But still be bringin' the madness
Put SGHipHop on the atlas
Track Name: ShiGGa Shay, Alyph, Kwizyne & Azrael - Forever (RMX)
[Verse 1: ShiGGa Shay]
They told me quit rapping, blowing up will never happen
Kept saying im asian now stop talking with an accent
Postman flow, nah fuck what the mail say
Cause I be runnin tracks like a train on a rail way
So fly I dont need my feet, you're played
My life so sweet haters sour like lemonade
My moniker's lava so you can call me fire [Moniker=Nickname]
Rappers hate then search for me on limewire
Talkin stationaries when they say they a ruler
Masking the bass you would've thought I was a tuba
Time is money so I dont have change for chats
Online gangstas man I call them neopets
Concrete jungle every man wants to win
Document haters and drag em into the recycle bin [Turn haters into Documents]
That ain't cologne its the smell of success
Imma succeed and put all these fake rappers to rest

[Chorus - Drake]

[Verse 2 - Alyph Sleeq]
welcome to the magic
shit's crazy man

so i'm a magician i envision tricks and trip u off positions
i am sleeq with my diction
i am sick of my tradition
to always produce hits, but never do too much
and always exclusive, introduce you to new stuff
i'm fallin sick so mother ewek im ill, ewww
yeah mother ewek i'm still
here workin hard as ever, shakin the market
been walkin to arts house to walkin red carpets, yea
and i ain't never thought of stoppin
and my videos was somethin haters never thought they watchin
the time is clockin
though i'm a chatterbox i'm always on time like i was tick talkin
this prolly ain't my best verse
but it's actually more than what u deserve
not what the rest deserve
i got the best reserved
eat the beef quick and i'll give u some dessert
so can i have my money that u owe me
i'm wonderin, with all my cheese u ate, why u still skinny?
that's why u runnin from me, i got u paced
so please bring my cash, cause i brought a case
get it

[Chorus - Drake]

[Verse 3 - Kwyzine]
this is for those who dealt with health for stealth
clad clothes pixelated. not bathing ape-ish camou
this is for those who aren't 21. Armed. 21 Sar 21 arms salute
a fluke, some cut corners, borders, some forward
brace theyselves in race to break the brace on their leg like Forrest
flawless lest he nests in lawlessness
flick my last Philip Morris
Chuck Norris tourings in "Virgin Islands"
my bird in virgins
now deform as "Island"
It sounded wrong "no man's an island"
yet I am Pulau Tekong
this song's virus. the sinus to brown-nosed Vangoh-kindas
findin them short cuts up to keyboard members
shut em down. I'll Alt+F4 fools
Akira's before you
Ím just like an F5 key away
refresh like we can change

[Chorus - Drake]

[Verse 4 - Azrael]
Real name? Ril/ Rap flame? Grilled
Jack beats? Steal/ This beat? Kill
Bring heat? Will/ Take a seat, chill
Rap flow? Ill/ Your score? Nil
You may have all the bitches and the riches but get no respect
Every time I rhyme I'm rhymin like I'm makin my sickedest track
It really don't matter to me if my music don't ever get to the charts
But I'd be humbled to know that some of these words could end up in your heart
(in you heart) Before my soul and body depart (yeah)
I will play my part and hustle hard to hustle art
Try to look beyond the facade of every gimmick and every trend
See the game for what it really is and begin to fully comprehend
It really depends on how you Understand and how you Overstand
that nothin ever really ends yet nothin is forever, man
It's really on how you want it to be and where you really stand
Nothin last forever yet nothin ever really ends...

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