Str8 Jacks Vol​.​03 (Mixed by DJ Ruxta)

by XS.One The Regiment

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released April 14, 2013


all rights reserved


Track Name: We Beamin' (RMX)
This feel good like the colours of the rainbow
And so I'm jumpin' in the puddles of the rainflow
We so zen with the pen now
That we rhyme on a higher plane of sense now
Yeah you know the sounds never monotone
Even if the physical vessel remains monochrome
and so we beam with them light rays
Illuminate paths/ lean to the right ways
Some of y'all might see it in a slight gaze
But some of y'all need to look pass the light haze
Psychedelic flows leave a light daze
Plus I'm feelin' sunshine in these bright days
Though we puttin' these rappers up in their right place
We still give the template so that they might trace
I stay beamin' to manoeuvre thru my life's maze
plus the evolutionary stages of my life's phase

Well it seems like only yesterday my name wouldn't even ring bells
I am beamin' now/ Ringin' Alexander Graham Bell
Harder than I've ever been/ Somethin' like a clampshell
Hard on the outside/ Soft on the inside you can't tell
Yeah I know damn well bars worth more than an oil well
I don't mean to brag but I'm worth more than what sex could sell
Now I'm bout to set sail/ Cruisin' on you suckers
Ace in tests coz you know we can never fail

Haters on fire, with the state of empire
Higher, higher we fly, none flyer like we do man
We got this game on lock, play chill on the low
Like top back, I like my beat down low
Yeszir, you maybe on top of the wall
Like humpty dumpty, I'm going to cause you a great fall
I'm destined to survive, like destiny's child
If yousa hater, 81-57-6461 you dial

ok hello,
dum dilly dum dum silly bum bum,
beaming rum rum,
chewing gum gum I'm in a zone,
sipping ZamZam my bad,
I only meant to rap with a couple of my attacks,
yeah I'm on a max,
with my Xccent, Xcan, Xpand so wide even wider than
you mother fucking Xtentsion,
and yet I'm so impatient,
yes you may burn this on a CD,

I'm beamin'/ Street lights/ Passing Cars
Steady shinin'/ Galaxy stars
I got the solar rap heat/ Mr. Planetary Mars
More like Mr. Universe/ with the planetary bars
X'stronomy/ We X-traordinary
Rhyme X'Stronauts/ plant flags on the binary
Space shuttle/ run circles on your orbit
No gravity/ clear the space for this fly shit

Satellites/ revolvin around your planetary
The rhyme anomaly you can call it anna molly
Yes you can never put us in no category
We authors of our own story
So we escape from Arkham/ break the bars of lunacy
The way we manifest words/ call it scumbaggery
Let the luna light beam in this dark night
Crusaders/ No capes/ We dark knights

I am THE COOLEST, let the light shine IM BEAMING
but it feels as though im DAYDREAMING
let my words illuminate the nights of Paris, Tokyo
no PRESSURE dont matter all the HE SAY SHE SAY
I KICK PUSH through the SUNSHINE.....
set the STREETS ON FIRE cause my style so sublime
im not a SUPERSTAR so I'd rather DUMB IT DOWN
it HURTS ME SOUL to see THE DIE but i figure
we are FIGHTERS,lifes all about the FOOD & LIQUOR
I maybe so-so, I stay humble cause i know so
you be THE EMPEROR'S SOUNDTRACK i'll just be the outro
When I be THE INSTRUMENTAL i wont ask why
for I know that be my time

My prism beaming through these triangles like Pink Floyd's
I'm on the dark side of the moon, while ya'll are rainbow-ish like twink boys
i bring noise, the audiophilliac
spit psychobilly raps and murder all these silly acts
the iloh is in for the kill, undefeated
x on the flags, new era fitteds on your head
bloodshed when the x (axes) is on
we're on the sick side (6 sides) like a hexagon

[Only X'Son]
This isn't a student type of topical writtens
Typical of you stupid types
You can't top to this brutals
I won't stoop to your levels of un-theoreticals
Stereotypical rappers
Either you pick a pen or pick a packs of syllables
'Cos you see it's time I be good and behave
Well I'ma be me 'cos I'm beamin
So beware, and prepare
To show respect like we did for Obi Wan and the ones before
So this is for the ones that open the doors
But we keep covering our flaws
Think it's real but really we feeling a faux
Half the time we can't follow what we flow
So the rest of the time I'm failing on the floor and I fall
But afterall I am a Brand New Child this November ya'll
It's about a time we be real, like B-Real
Stand in line like before with a stance of them B-boys
Behold while The Regiment be bold to ya
Truth be told, we not beginners
But we notorious like Biggie
So begone

I'm The Thing!/ Benjamin Grimm/ beaming
when light radiates of the night wing
anticipate whenever i spit/ fresh i bring
to the table/ round off the nights from the the stable
that able the kane/ to fable your brain/ favour your lane
but not ur favourite/ fuck a made men/ im not men made
i'm gods grace n mercy but not ming/ meditate with 6 themes
there is 6 things before 5
so sit still before i/ strike lightning
burning macks n bernie macks
burning maps n bridging gaps
still no guns but i clap
its the north where i rep
its the streets where i'm at
its the bomb yes Iraq (I Wreck)!

Yeah I'm beaming like the stars and satellites son
Hot like the sun, emcees better run
Lightweight don't weigh a tonne but i hit like a gun
When i shoot these lyrics thats it you're done
Fuckers wanna talk like they run this shit
When they ain't really shit, shit is all they spit
Can i spit on their twits, bitch bitch bitch bitch go twit that i am it
We dress in all black uh darth vader
Come with a light saber now say tata
There ain't no future erase you from the radar
Like my cap im'ma raider, time to say sayonora to your mama, bye bye
Track Name: Mean, Azrael & Akeem - Stay Schemin' (RMX)
Why do I even bother
to try and explain to these haters what
I'm still doing this shit for
To be honest i'm sick of this dawg
I'm tired of proving these haters wrong
but imma stay strong
Stay schemin/ No plans just skim boards
Ride waves/ Flow hard/ Stay on board
Stay smart/ I play hard/ Stay in court
No fouls/ Hit balls/ Just retort
Jeans full of stacks and i ain't talkin' bout 'em dollar bills
Middle finger in the air, never care how these haters feel
Steady piling up the resume till i'm a heavyweight
Droppin' bodies to the ground and I won't even hesitate
To keep on murderin' non-believers and all its equal
Be ready for the sequel to my everlasting ritual
Imma keep doin' my shit, forever till the end of me
Its XS mos def, till the death of me

I stay schemin' wit the same team
It's still the same scene with the same dream
Fam first, X-Gang, we the A-Team
And it's been secondary that we make cream
You talk a lot of hate but you behind the screen
While I make things happen, I'm behind the scene
Know my name and you know that I'm real
We don't need to go deep for you to know how I feel
If you a customer to the product that I deal
then recommend it to your people if it's ideal
We may be pushin' different packages to different markets
but it's the same hustle with the same target
Plus I'm a fiend so I can't stop it
Put a dollar and a dream in my back pocket
Now remove the green from the envy no chroma keys
The only goal in my life that I aim is inner peace

I got that drug flow, coca in your lingo peep the slang yo
A green thumb from twisting all that stank yo
On the calculator workin' on my bank roll
Stay schemin' while i'm leanin', indonesian mango
Let the indo fill your lungs
Motherfuckers catching' feelings
I could barely feel my tongue
Elevator movement, flyer than a pelican
Gettin' money, blowin' trees, got this bimbos blowin' me
And why shouldn't ya'll hate? Probably can't relate
the way I regulate a couple of bars into gettin' paid
Go ahead and speculate, it's ok
A to Tha killin' em, yeah you don't say
And to the dragon I'm buryin' you and your brethrens
and snapping my flow packing like mac-11s ak-47
Alert your captains, lieutenants, tell 'em to fall back
Retreat or misread the feed of defeat and fall flat

[Hook - Akeem]

I'll ride for my flow gang
I'll die for my Flow Fam
I'll ride for my flow gang
I'll die for my Flow Fam
Stay schemin'
These haters tryna get at me
Stay schemin'
Why wouldn't they be mad at me

[Hook - Mean]
I'll ride for my ninjas dawg
and I'll slide for my ninjas
I'll ride for my ninjas dawg
and I'll slide for my ninjas
Stay schemin'
These haters tryna get at me
Stay schemin'
These haters tryna get at me

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