The NVMBR Protocol

by Various Artists

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The NVMBR Protocol (Compilation) featuring Psykes, Maddie, Mean, Sheeq Luna, RAFX & more...

Young gathers a clan of rhyme shoguns from The.XS Collective and affiliates for 'The NVMBR Protocol'. This album aims to deliver back to basics, sword-swinging raw raps over sample-driven beats produced by NVMBR CHLD. When these rap samurais storm out with mic swords amidst the dark clouds, you best be ready when NVMBR reigns...

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released November 16, 2012

Executive Producer: Naufal Gani aka Young for NVMBR CHLD
Mastered by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD @ NVMBR CHMBRS
Cover Art by: Naufal Gani
Variant Cover Art by: Izaril


all rights reserved


Track Name: NVMBR CHLD - The Protocol (Intro)
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Contains Voice Samples from the Movie ‘Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai’
Track Name: Tetsuo & Ilohshix - The Last Shogun
Title: The Last Shogun
Artists: Tetsuo & Ilohshix
Lyrics by: M. Ridhwan, M. Irfan
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Tetsuo)
I am a dying breed, Last Shogun from Assassins’ Creed
Like Sun Tzu's Art of War, we always stay true
Samurai swings and blood spills on you
I'll lock you in a rear naked choke like jui-jitsu
Yeah, you better take cover son.
My mind is vast as the jungles in Amazon
Forcing you to bow down, pound for pound
I casually assault you like a hellhound
My combo is continuous, ready for war, my rhyme skills ridiculous
Assault and battery, destroying everything in my path
With my wrath, I'll turn this track into a fucking bloodbath

Verse 2 (Illoshix)
A fucking blood bath, ninja boy status: unmasked
Gut slashed with a cutlass, un-fleshed
Gun blasts to your dumb pack, none left
Grab your chick by the hair, "Bitch, undress!"
2 cups of blood when I slit her neck
Another cup with a cigarette
It’s thicker when I sipped the gash,
Sweet but slight bitter yet
I wondered, where the fuck is my liquor at
They call me jack the ripper; jack will rip your spleen
I’ll break you like a broken figurine
Try to rage against the machine
Not hesitate to decapitate like guillotines then vanish from the killing scene

You better run run run, as fast as you can
The Last Shogun sword cut your fucking clan
Your body on the ground, your head on my hands
Your blood turns to ashes and ashes turns to sand
Run run run, as fast as you can
The Last Shogun sword cut your fucking clan
My sharp words be the instrument of defence
Cut wounds leave you in a bad circumstance

Verse 3 (Tetsuo & Illoshix)
Flows and arrows, infinite bars archer
Separate your head from your fucking body structure
I puncture, your fucking frame like a bed of spikes
I let you see God within seconds after rays of lights
The Last Shoguns, we bow to no one
Dark shadow ninjas leave you blacked out like no suns
We killing your sons, make you watch it, helpless
Mentally scarred your life, no one ever felt this
You're forced to run, if you still wanna see tomorrow
Fuck your sorrows, we still leave you hollow
With a bullet through your head
That's it, we're leaving you dead
The Last Shoguns blurred your vision with red

Track Name: Psykes - Off My Chest
Title: Off My Chest
Artists: Psykes
Lyrics by: A. Malek, Aidil Shah, Naufal Gani
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Ilbril)
It's apocalypse when the mic comes to my lips
I recite lyrics that hits you hard on the ribs
A stealth killer like the world has never seen
We put the X on the A, The X’ssasins
The presence we have is enough to shake you faggots
Don’t try to top our lyrics you know you’re not our standard
We feast upon the weak just like a hungry beast
We bomb on you fake ass just like a rhyme terrorist
With your style like that I don’t think you know what rap is
Take my advice I suggest that you should drop this
Your rhymes are empty, you can never break me
With you lack of skills you’re just another wack MC
Psykes, the tight virgin against you loose whore
When we fuck you guys up, you’ll be begging for me
It's Psykes and XS, a deadly combination
It's annihilation if you try to test our patience

Verse 2 (Define)
When I come through
MCs make way for me
It's like we possess magnetic force
With the same polarity
Not here to just blaze ya'll and causing cats to fumble
In fact to clear misconception
Before it leads to trouble
First of all beef is not what we tryna find
We're not those typical rappers who'll stab you from behind
We're just amateurs, compelling through music
Tryna create superior lyrics acknowledge it as an epic
I'm just an instrumentalist expressing how he feels
Am not inaudible when he goes through an ordeal
So stop the jealousy shit giving me those piercing stares
We're better times infinity in case you're not aware
You know what dawg? Don’t put my patience to the test
Never look at me that way cause I never owe you cash
You ain't no arsonist you can't burn me like fire
I'll extinguish you with cool and calmness
So try harder

Verse 3 (Young)
Off my chest man, get the fuck out my way
And just hush, I know you got something to say
See I Coldplay for power, they call me Sylar
I’m a Smooth Criminal, I own Velvet Revolvers
The Pendulum Swings as the Soundgarden blooms
I’m like Dead Celeb with this music that I consume
These words an Offspring of My Chemical Romance
I end up Counting Crows every time I take the chance man
I Rage Against the Machine just like the Fall Out Boys
I’m the Oasis in your dreams when your soldiers can't deploy
I’m a Radiohead, you just straight up fiasco
I run with X, ayo we Army of the Pharaohs
Your rhyme scheme Evanescence in the morning mist
I’m a Prodigy, when I shoot I don’t miss
On the Flipsyde I slayed the Killers
And 3 Doors Down, lyrically barraged them pillars, what what
Track Name: Sheeq Luna - Just Sayin'
Title: Just Sayin'
Artist: Sheeq Luna
Lyrics by: N. Ashriqin
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: M. Izaril @ The.XS Lab
Additional Scratches by: M. Izaril

Verse 1
I put my foot in the shallow waters
Test the temperature
Swim across the stagnant swamp, like a wild gator
Too late to guard your mind, lack of protection
Decode all of ya crimes like a pro detective
Don't play with the dangerous, die from the cause of my poison
Your life be like Steve Robert Irwin
Stung you numb up in the head
No need for all the sleeping pills to put your brain back to bed
Pondering on how to do me next like bad sex
Better act fast or be stuck in this vortex
I had enough of your little kid rap games wack names
Trying hard to get pass fame
I need some challenge, good gold talent
Something off the box , something worth to be on Ellen
So quit playing , no more time to be wastin'
You better do or die, hashtag not just sayin'

Chorus x2
I be the chick that be holdin down the spot, just sayin'
Keepin up with class , movin up the mass , just sayin'
You be the kid stankin on your own game
With the steez of a sucka MC, I'm just sayin'

Verse 2
You see I've murdered many rappers and I still got a way with it
No lies I'm as real as you can get with this
Bow tie on my shirt, class in my work
While you can't even afford these expensive words
I take you on like a man versus gun
Waiting for a shot, I only see your mouth run
You are just a noise to me, really annoyingly
My mind is switched off when you try to voice out to me
And I be on some quest of the Jackson
Ready for the battle ground, pen in my pocket
Best believe I'm the child of Lord Liquid
Smooth on this tune and my tongue be so fluid

Chorus X2
Track Name: Maddie, Rebeleon & Mean - Nights Of Shankar
Title: Nights of Shankar
Artists: Maddie, Rebeleon & Mean
Lyrics by: N. Muhammad, P. Sukriven, N. Ahmad Muhaimin
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS / M.Izaril @ The.XS Lab
Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Maddie)
I said vannakam, and I be blazing this shit
I bring the fire wherever cause I be walking on heat
Like a firewalker, I'm not used to a beef
But mess with us and get fucked like a Bollywood bitch
Visions of Ghandi, but I kill with a mic
I'm loose in the mind, the real drunk Indian type
You dare to stereotype? Come and battle in an audio fight
Don't fuck with the light, screw your radio hype
The chords of sitar, while I'm blazing Buddha
I bring death like Shiva while I'm killing on bars
Slash and leave you with scars, leave artilleries ajar
The double K Indian that will leave you with mar

Nights of Shankar, recite your mantra
Rebeleon, Maddie, Mean blazing through the stanza
Nights of Shankar, recite your mantra
Rebeleon, Maddie, Mean yeah we down with NVMBR

Verse 2 (Rebeleon)
I sit and wait, kill you late November
Leave your body looking like a puzzle to the coroner
Closed casket wake last till December
My birthday I celebrate while you're 6 feet under
These wack emcees got the heart of a bitch
So I’ll puncture both your lungs and leave you to twitch
Pull out your right eye so your left eye can see it
Then I'll make you eat your shit mixed with my vomit
See, Young and us we got a sick vendetta
To chop you up worse than the Black Dahlia
Death by asphyxiation before trauma
Now that’s what you get for starting that drama


Verse 3 (Mean)
I slice heads of ingrates and leave them to bleed dead
I feel hate, no remorse, I piss on you shit heads
Eat rappers for breakfast, threw up on this beat straight
Code Red: NVMBR we in it to destroy
I decoy then deploy my army of emcees
We are what you can't see, call us the rap Gods
Rip hearts for pleasure I'm microphone's terror
I am the ill bred child of NVMBR
Breaking necks, don't mess with the X
Mean got the game on lock, look at him flex
Dump rappers in body bags then raise the flags
Axe gang spit it sick when we attack

Track Name: Psykes - Relax
Title: Relax
Artists: Psykes
Lyrics by: A. Malek, Aidil Shah, Naufal Gani
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Ilbril)
You need to relax kid, that’s what they always told me
Try to slow things down progress yourself slowly
Pace yourself up to the game accordingly
You’ll be perfectly fine if you listen to me
Yeah damn right, I’ll be fine if I listen to your shit
But your shit ain’t right and I can’t do no shit
Like the master of puppets you telling us to do shit
And at the end of the day you pay us back with bull
Relax la the guys in white know what they doing
Don’t be tripping man or it is you who’ll be losing
If you Rage Against the Machine it won’t do you anything
They’ll sleep you in the fire making you lose everything
Yeah so what I do now is to be the typical
Hitting shit up on FaceBook making things critical
Complain, complain, complain is what we do best
No I won’t pay you more, lu semue boleh pergi

That's what we call
Everybody just
Say what
Now take a chill pill
That's what we call
Cause we like to
Say what

Verse 2 (Define)
You cats gotta chill
Gotta learn how to sit back
Things ain't going your way
Turn on the repeat mode for this track
You know it ain't about just going with the flow
You gotta plan and execute, take it steady and slow
Life gets hard, we're bound to make mistakes
So revise and improvise cause we are no perfectionist
Affected by unnecessary hate and prejudice
Only you can help yourself to find a solution to this
Optimism, is the key to success
Accept any challenges, put yourself to the test
Slowly but surely we keep on hustlin
The scene is never dead, we gotta keep on trying
Ayo, we gotta unite man
It's a fucking small scene why you wanna beef man?
Help a brother out cut some slack
Take a step back you know all you gotta do is just


Verse 3 (Young)
I can't deny that I’m mad pissed at the current situation
Singapore, Singa-dollars, the Singa-foreigns
Everything’s taken a hike, money wise it’s out of control
Everything, yes, everything except for the payrolls
Nothing much I can do about the shit that we under
Middle fingers in the air, a flying fuck to the power
Bo-pian, suck thumb, feel numb, life's okay-okay
As long as we here man, we pay and pay
So hard to say, yeah we all mad and angry
But we gotta know material wealth is temporary
So I chill, no pressure cracks, no panic
No rush, no running frantic, no tension, just lepak , no worries
One corner, chillin’
We sing a song, and if a problem comes by
Keep calm and carry on, just

Track Name: RAFX & Young - Smile
Title: Smile
Artists: RAFX & Young
Lyrics by: M. Rafie, Naufal Gani
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (RAFX)
Your time is up, now it’s time for you to leave the stage
You deconstruct, now it’s time for me to renovate
It's been too long, like a thousand years I hibernate
So move along yo I need to use the centre stage
I maybe slow but you’re the one that’s walking backwards
I march forth, levitate, and I’m going upwards
This is a rabbit race, you know who’s the winner
Don’t mess around with the child of NVMBR
We superheroes spitting lines and verses
Astronaut, we be space invaders
Illuminate the space, drink tea like a mastermind
Control the universe storm trooper we Jedi mind
Communicate the complicate, however you will interpret
Street smart graduate you know my rhymes are accurate
It's a warzone, bloodshed till my death bed
Till the day I say, "Ma I finally made it"

Chours x2
When I come up on stage, man I look up and smile
Life is never easy, so to music I write
Cause this is my rhyme, from my heart
And my time and my fight
Nothing you can do when I’m holding the mic

Verse 2 (Young)
Dear music, if only you paid the bills
I can't say enough to express what I really feel
But it's hard cause I gotta savage through the gravel and steel
To make a simple living so sometimes I gotta chill
And take some time off from you just to make bread
Life's a steep climb uphill and it gets to my head
But please know when it's my time with my lines and my rhyme
You know I'll wreck the mic and I’ll seize with a smile
Then I lay back light a cigarette and let my mind play
It ain't much but enough for me to talk about my heyday
But for the moment, please know that I love you
For all that is worth I wish you well and please get better too
They using you, abusing you, man that's just sad
And it’s fools like these that makes me really mad
So I still grab the mic and I make my way to the centre
I'll keep you safe within the spectrums of NVMBR

Chorus x3
Track Name: Psykes & X'Statix - Syonanto Son
Title: Syonanto Son
Artists: Psykes & X'Statix
Lyrics by: Naufal Gani, M. Faizuli, Aidil Shah, M. Izaril, A. Malek, M. Yushilmi
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS / M.Izaril @ The.XS Lab
Mixed by: Naufal Gani at NVMBR CHMBRS
Additional Scratches by: DJ Ruxta

Verse 1 (Young)
I was raised in the light of the Syonanto sun
Stay connected in Shinto with the last shogun
There be no one, who draws similar mic swords
The Kamakura Shogunate resurrected, we be the mic lords
It's Psykes and X to da Statix
Ignite rings of fire with swinging sword techniques
The Koto strings gotcha screaming at the skyline
The 6 katanas from the regiment will derange your bloodline
And the X gang, we always spit fire
Code of the black Samurai, it’s death before dishonour
Respect the emblem son
Cause the last one got his blood splat as the red circle on the flag of the rising, sun

Verse 2 (Influent)
Yo clear the clouds sun sets upon Orion
Enter the Dragon, open combat infiltration
I keep it real like Osiris on the movement
The great descendant, I was born to kill deceptions
Now, who be the one swinging the sword they call Excalibur
The highlander, son transfixed to your agenda
The real techniques, shinobi samurai tactics
Psykes the arsonist, Xstatix with the sword flicks
Technically, the conflict was never hidden
But still steady shining facing through alot of turbulence
In this jungle who the fuck you wanna test with
It's xs1 best believe we gonna kill this

Verse 3 (Define)
Combination of the samurais, you gotta see we
Degrade your reputation leading you to hara-kiri
The tanto, will be the death to your many men
Ending your generation marking X on your abdomen
From down south, we emerge through this light rays
We go suicidal, kamikaze on your bright days
The sensei respect your master splinter
You can never decode the scriptures that we deliver
Stay close, and live by the code of Bushido
100% casualty everywhere that we go
No end to this, we reloaded like the Matrix
The dark espionage, recognize Psyke’Xtatix

Verse 4 (Azrael)
I be the bringer of light with multi-spectrums of mics
The archangel, I breathe the words that I write
So you can recite the doctrines of my dogma
Illuminate the 7 wheels of your chakra
Every time we deliver lyrical fatwa
It's like a recital of a magical mantra
This is a stickup so you best to put your hands up
Or rhyme pellets hit your every frame for you to soak it up
The shaman rain dance till NVMBR reigns
Precipitate the raindrops till we flood the game
Psychedelic visions from the mind’s eye
When clouds clear we gon reappear as the sunrise

Verse 5 (Ilbril)
After November rains, it’s the rise of the Syonanto sun
You better run cause we coming for your head son
With ninja tactics and skills of ninjitsu
Assassinate the enemy without leaving a single clue
Deadly silent, the style is silent deadly
Decapitate the target, hanging heads of our enemy
Jedi Mind Tricks, mess you up mentally
Stab you in the back with our poison weaponry
It’s the, art of murder and concealment
With black robes on, moving like shadow movement
Swinging sharp blades of the katana
Ready for anyone just bring it on mana-mana

Verse 6 (Shino)
Ayyo check this
Yo it’s Psykes and Xstatix
See we hardcore like those porno flick
Bitch, you suck at writing this
More like you good at sucking dick
Riding dicks
Bitch please
We spit script
Flip trip rap psychedelic
Your shit cliché, it’s really damn ironic
My average rhyme is turning you phobic
See I’m so so sick please get me more than a clinic
You can never manage my epidemic
We standing on a scenic centric
Hover fly high like chronic
See I really don’t need your 5 mic classic
This music flows through our veins that’s more like it
Don’t fuck with this movement cause you know we moving
Constantly stay fluent cause you know we know what we doing
Rhyme militants fire flow spitting
The rhyme and reason why we crumbling your whole continent
Track Name: Maddie - Spell On You
Title: Spell On You
Arist: Maddie
Lyrics by: N. Muhammad
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1
I'm in a spell now I'm held in your captive
I'm chasing dreams, like junkies, your drug addictive
I've passed the phase of being passive now it's massive
I wanna explain it, but my thoughts, elusive
Light my fire, burn my desire
You take me higher another space with no other
At times I gotta feel like I don't matter
But still I require, something bout you that makes me not wanna retire
So what's the plan I see the flames but not the heat
We're like an empty beat with no rhymes and no lyrics
So tell me where's the kill switch I'd just hit it and quit
But I hate to admit, in my head you're always on repeat

Chorus x4
Would you be mine cause I'm yours til the end of time

Verse 2
I wish we never met so there'd be nothing to forget
I'm in a mess, in a spell, in a grip which would'nt let me,
Go, I feel the pressure and expectations
The weight on my shoulders and the heart's infatuation
I need a reclusion, so pass my medication
These guys won't do you right so I have to surpass expectations
I pick the pen up in dedication write a love note
And lay the honest syllables like a life quote
Truth told, I'm tired of the situation
But matters of heart never dies like a dedication
One day if we end, we had a hell of a time
The memory encapsulated cause you'll always be mine

Bridge x2
I really do
You got me in a spell bound chasing for you
Man I don't know what I'm after
You got me in a spell like a puppet and the master

Chorus x4
Track Name: DoggFace & Young - Reap Slow
Title: Reap Slow
Artists: DoggFace & Young
Lyrics by: M. Ekhwan, Naufal Gani
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (DoggFace)
Let the river veils, what the anchor links
For the anchor age less, for ages been push to edges
By sharp agents, harness what hardens
This heart turns dishearten your idol
Third eyedeas for idol to obtain the ideal idea
I still stand, you steal sands
Hourglass our last, will outlast
This is last chain of command
Not fabricate and chain conman
Block your six sense, I repent, then I re-pen
Your genesis, revise your genetics, no room for generics
Only 5 star qualified general
Reap sow, ripped what you sow
Ripped slow, with steel toes aim for your kinfolk
Folklore fables not connect to cable
I disable your empire crumble

Verse 2 (Young)
Like suited assassins, I let my sword swing
Slash the air from the front of your face as a warning
I'm on a mad rampage, dagger jacking
Ninja stance, I am the master swordsman
Stealth to your blind spot and cut your head open
MCs hate us like bad omens
Time to hunt assassinate any rapper any day
Young & DoggFace shine in the uncanny way
I am flesh and blood, soil and mud
Ill and rhymes, gore and guts
Drop the anchor, practice your flow
Chill from the fast lane; I live fast and bleed slow
I hail from the forced centres of your mental chakra
Reign with the combination of the 5 mantras
This is history in the making
I stay precise with the mic like the hands of a surgeon
Track Name: Psykes - The Reason Of Absence
Title: The Reason Of Absence
Artists: Psykes
Lyrics by: Naufal Gani, A. Malek, Aidil Shah
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Young)
So what’s good my brothers, bout time we get back
Pick up where we left off and bless this track
Yo Define and Ilbril, it’s been too long
But you know I keep you both close every time I pen a song down
So fill me in, where you guys been
It’s been quite a while since Psykes was last seen
On stages, moving crowds, yeah we were fire
I rep Psykes whenever it’s my Love Soul Desire
Believe me, the ink in my pen never flowed the same way
Pre show excitement never felt the same way
For real, but it’s cool we still a crew
But it feels kinda empty rocking stages without you two
And I know this may never be permanent
But let’s ride once again and resurrect the moment
Of the days back in 06, before we lose it
But above all, it’s always brothers before music, cool

Yeah this feels good like the colors of the rainbow
And let it fill the sky, Psykes is back so let's fly

Verse 2 (Ilbril)
Let me reignite the flame that was once blazing
A fiery flame kept inside deeply burning
The one torch, that provided us with the only light
Psykes was never gone, better get your facts right
I know it’s been a while since we last spit
Trashing up the stage like as though it was a mosh-pit
Leaving the mic but you know I’ll never drop it
I took some time off so I can loosen up my spirit
Ilbril, Young and Define we never drift apart
Cause you know that we beat under a one heart
An open door that can never be shut
Ilbril will never leave it alone, you knew that from the start
So let us relive the moments together
Like back in 06 the past, present, future
The broken structure shall be made stronger
Let’s close up the gaps and do this my brothers


Verse 3 (Define)
Mr Young be asking “Where you at? Where you at?”
Define's not hibernating still ready for an attack
Took my rhyme book off the shelf and wipe the dust a little
Still feeling my pen while jotting down a few scribbles
The reasons for my absence I don’t know where to start
Cause I was dealing with complicating matters of the heart
Now I promise myself not to let priorities clash
Definitely Psykes, still be rising from the ashes
Still rocking mics like we the lyrical cannibals
Rage to the beat with the rise of every decibel
With XS, militants with a mission
Move like a phantom scoping you with our night vision
There comes a time I’mma hang the mic up
But I'mma take it down one day to show I’ve never given up
There comes we gonna hang the mic up
But we'll take it down one day to show we've never given up

Chorus x3
Track Name: Sheeq Luna - Deepest Love
Title: Deepest Love
Artist: Sheeq Luna
Lyrics by: N. Ashriqin
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: M. Izaril @ The.XS Lab

Verse 1
This devotion, deeper than the depths of the ocean
Steeper than the climb to stairways of heaven
Your presence, is what I need to survive
You’re what I need to prove of my existence to this life
The sky rains down when it feels your absence
The sounds of your silence disrupts my system
I embrace every verse of love your lips speak
I crave for you lust it’s your touch that I seek
My love knows no boundary, beyond infinity
Best believe this is real not some fantasy
Put your trust to these words on this melody
Every prayer on this note sings a symphony
Take my hand let’s go through this together
I give my promise I be down for whatever
Whenever, as long as I live to be here with ya
Accept this little offer and I’ll be yours forever

Chorus x2
You'll be my star, I'll be your sky

Verse 2
Tell me your desires, what you want, what you need
I can’t bare to lose you you’re the air that I breathe
The one my heart keeps, impossible to leave
You're the only one I need even my third eye could see
You set my mind free to the highest degree
Can’t nobody be no higher be no flyer than we
Now won’t you please take my hand and walk through this with me
Pay no mind to the rest cause we be our own army


Take my hand
Steal my heart
You and I forever together a part
Close your eyes, believe in this Love
In my mind, you are mine
in heaven and earth
Track Name: Young, RAFX, Tetsuo, Influent, Ilbril, Rebeleon, Mean, Ilohshix & Maddie - Who Spit It Raw?
Title: Who Spit It Raw
Artists: Young, RAFX, Tetsuo, Influent, Ilbril, Rebeleon, Mean, Ilohshix & Maddie
Lyrics by: Naufal Gani, M. Rafie, M. Ridhwan, M. Faizuli, A. Malek, P. Sukriven, N. Ahmad Muhaimin, M. Irfan, N. Muhammad
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS / M.Izaril @ The.XS Lab
Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Chorus x2
Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through

Verse 1 (Young)
I spit it raw, smack you with drunken tiger paws
The protocol, untamed NVMBR CHLD break your jaw
The war monger, the ruckus cause fatalities
I spark the northern lights that cause glare and blind MCs
Smack you with the heavenly shit
Pierce they hearts as I randomly hit
My energy ticks, at speeds that make you surrender and quit
Fatality bitch
No mercy, when my insanity hits
The alien tongue, see padawan dreams
Remain serene, within the galactic rims
Red rum type of murder, with lithium flows
I hover above you holding on to the mirror of souls

Verse 2 (RAFX)
I’m coming through I speak the truth with a propaganda
Obey the giant, it’s a legacy on fire
We bare the flag with an X, you know we don’t surrender
We spit it raw, we spit hardcore, we the CHLD of NVMBR
The X rated rhyme poet cause we rhyme explicit
Take your nursery rhymes go play with them small kids
I got verses that could put you on the obituary
You try to bite but you wack like a parody
We the axis, the origin, got styles like a blueprint
While you kids write lyrics, we lay verses from bloodstream
Expel lyrical philosophy and this is how we fight
NVMBR be telling you, you know who spit it raw right?

Verse 3 (Tetsuo)
Who drop it raw like Tetsuo do?
Precise strike to your vitals, need no follow through
I kick it Shaolin, hidden style from pantheon
Yo I’ll be prowling, rap paragon
X'spired bars with ancient beat
I never back down, no I never retreat
Yeah back from the dead, I shine with a deadly glow
Demolishes enemies with every deadly blow
I’m one of the seven sins, capital vices
Spit it raw, beats, bass and sample slices
I slice you, I’m ill by design
Won't hesitate to kill and end your fucking bloodline

Chorus x2

Verse 4 (Influent)
I ignite the warfare for this atlas
Stars shine bright as my witness
Never ever claim to be the point of your weakness
I spit it raw like right on your faces
The enlightenment, you can quote on these verses
I be Influent, best believe and remember
Like you sacrifice your own crew on the altar
7 deadly sins, you don’t fuck with NVMBR
The Rasta, up in the streets they call it murder
Syndicate absolute define like yakuza, practise
Of the sacred rules of engagement
Love your enemies like the art of this movement

Verse 5 (Ilbril)
I’ll be the reason that you start the war
The nuclear weapons that you fuckers draw
Untamed beasts, Serengeti roar
Crazy killer like the Texas Chainsaw
You know whose number one when it comes to rapping raw
Il spit it raw, break your bones with metaphors
Smashing your jaw, leave you bleeding on the floor
The rap attacks, super sharp like tigers claw
We fuck you guys up leave you begging for more
The Seven Nation Army, no one can fucking harm me
We shoot semi autos, ripping holes through your body
You are the common target public enemy
When I’m done with you, you’re just another walking zombie

Verse 6 (Rebeleon)
My apotheosis, here is my hypothesis
Revelation be the true meaning of apocalypse
Now redux, fuck a remix
Chivalry is dead cause of whore-mongering chicks
Who swallow it, me I spit it raw
Drip it off my lips while I dribble past these metaphors
Similes, herpes, boy you got those open sores
Open source beat, beat this if you got better bars
Battle scars; withdraw your troops from this holy war
Veterans, with no tolerance for you anymore
Thinking you're a megastar, ego like America
Dreaming of the States but you're stuck here in Singapore

Chorus x2

Verse 7 (Mean)
Who spit it raw like the Minotaur
The one to fuck you up bad with my art of war
Sun Tzu ancient techniques
With the back flips
Take 3 down at a ago
Now that’s a hat trick
Cause I'm that sick, epidemic
Spit infectious rhymes, condition's chronic
Playing mind games, I’m breaking mind frames
In the mental, I'm crumbling your puny odd brains
Decode the alphanumerics and match the code name:
Axe gang, killer clan crew, NVMBR will reign
Spit lines of white lies no cocaine
When the X starts to kill, boy it’s no names

Verse 8 (Illoshix)
Fuck the basics
My rhymes inter dimensional like matrix
Complicated rhyme schemes like advanced matrices
You hating this, but too afraid to face it
Black asteroids, enter the void with space kids
High as space ships, yet underground as basements
12 bars raised as faces shows amazement
Blazing the purp, be nice with your words
Else my boots on you head with your jaw on the curb
Drum loops, samples with a pinch of reverb
Add in my vocals; blast the track to be heard
“Who spit it raw?” These kids be asking
Fuck it, let this verse answer your question

Verse 9 (Maddie)
I'm coming through, the Tao of Wu
You better know who you talking to
I'm coming for your crew
And the motherfucking hip hop you claim you do
Claim you true
But you've never stepped in the booth
When emcees turn prophets, spit messages, undeniable truth
Real rap never need hot clothes
Just hot flows
So fuck your expensive shit and your cheap hoes
I overdose on emcees
Like a cannibal I'm hungry
Just Incredible, another league
Spray carbon, now you can't breathe
You helpless, now you on the floor
On the same plain with an open jaw
Mark a X so whatchu waiting for
Hardcore on every heart's core
Wage for different art core
YouTube plays, don't represent skills
I spread the art by keeping it real
Track Name: Psykes - Light
Title: Light
Artists: Psykes
Lyrics by: A. Malek, Aidil Shah, Naufal Gani
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Ilbril)
Let me, just play with your mind
Intertwine your mind providing sight for the blind
Yeah I do things like freeze time
Figuring your every moves that is stuck between the line
Ilbril, was never gone I remember
Still spitting shit with the CHLD of NVMBR
Yeah so you cats better figure
How he disappear but his spirit still lingers
Flames, has been burning inside
Turning red to blue and it's coming for the light
Night, that’s when is burning bright
Burning bright yeah, igniting the dark night
Come, he has for the mic
Just like a beast, he kills prey with a strike
Psykes, are his brothers on the mic
So please stay away cause you know we all bite

Chorus x2
Yeah, so sit back and relax
As Psykes hack words like a jack with an axe
Yeah murder you with pitchforks in pitch darkness
Eyes of the storm make it rain and cause thunders

Verse 2 (Define)
Who be the one to rock the mic
It’s Define from Psykelecticz
Injecting rhymes into your veins like a subutex addict
After effects so critical that's when you start to panic
And that’s the main symptom of a potential XS’phobic
I’m erotic, more filthy than pornography
My element’s complicated than the average chemistry
Psychologically torture, no physical ability
Eliminate you cancer cells like I’m chemotherapy
I mess up you nervous system, the form of neurology
Suicide bomber, I’ll explode, killing fake lyricist
I got a beard, now you can call me the terrorist
Who’s gonna murder all you swagger rapper wannabes
Annihilate you, turn you to fictional fables
Cause swag won’t pay the bills and put food on the table
This ain’t no club banger but it’s still blazing hot
I may be the alumni but I’m still marking your spot son

Chorus x2

Verse 3 (Young)
I am notorious, I rhyme glorious
I am Young, the spark of an apocalypse
Inflict heavy gashes
I leave scars that won’t heal even if time lapses
I’m flawless, study how I breeze through
You can’t define my substance, your style is see through
You stand incompetent to the mics that I wreck
Your existence is sillier than the war in Iraq
I am not rhyming, I’m simply connecting time
Realise I’m making you listen to my every line
So I, path a pathway of poison
Intoxicate everything that you claim to be poised on
Setting fire traps, I’m surrounded by energy
I be the reason for the wreck in your psychology
I keep my vision clear and watch from the stars
Your pen be your sword, but the blades too blunt to leave scars, what

Chorus x2
Track Name: Rebeleon, Define & Maddie - Fire Walkers
Title: Fire Walkers
Artists: Rebeleon, Define & MAddie
Lyrics by: P. Sukriven, A. Shah, N. Muhammad
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Rebeleon)
I don't get high, I get mental levitations
Where I sit in solitude for my verbal calibration
Meditation, medication, need that herb that's organic
I don't need Detox, I'm still bumpin' that Chronic
So, sick with the flow my only treatment, ayurvedic
I was born with great sex, I’m Indian, that's tantric
You got the looks of Sunny Leone, fantastic
Thicker than a snicker I got moves like Mick
Jagger, now all I gotta do is get a little bigger
Maybe the size of an XS Schwarzenegger
Then how you gonna beat my swag? Go figure
I’m sophisticated with alotta game, so try never

Chorus x4
Fire Walker, see that kid Fire Walker
Yeah I'm a bad motherfucker

Verse 2 (Define)
Walking through these hot coals, call me ‘Vel Vel’
Ain’t no Thaipusam, I’m just being sewel
No second thoughts, I’ll exterminate with no fear
The liberation, Tamil Tigers we still here
1/3 Bawean, the remainder Indian
Style so Bollywood, I’m one in a million
Been a nice makkal, but bitches take advantage
Unleash my black stallion they regretting my rampage
I’m enraged, but I ain’t drunk not on alcohol
Just in my zone levitating high like on ethanol
Now whose the motherfucker who wanna stop me?
Never get in the way of a man doing the kavadi
It’s Dil To Pagal Hai the eligible bachelor
You can tap on my ass baby like it’s a tabla
Fuck your swag, we still spit it tubular
Keep my enemies close, like the veins of my jugular

Chorus x4

Verse 3 (Maddie)
Maddie Define shit, as real as it gets
I ain't talking guns, but when I spit it gats
Ain't no gangster track, but some like that
Watch these toys blast, peek at chu next
I Shoot And Run like a 21, hella fun
I don't think twice, I just get it done
I just hit and run
No bullshit
I aim for the eye, with a full clip
Index on the trigger
Squeeze when I wanna
Skinny motherfucker
X gang member
So you better panic
A call to the clique
You'll end deep in the sand quick
I am an Indian, so don't push me, don't test me
I won't pre warn you, so don't make a wrong move
I Rebel Yell that's the war cry
The dessert eagle eye view on you, man I'm mad fly
I put your name on it, then the bullet through you
You want war homes? Go call your whole crew
I just stand still, and watch NVMBR Reign
If you ain't real, you better runaway

Chorus x4
Track Name: Mean & RAFX - Keys For The Dead
Title: Keys For The Dead
Artists: Mean & RAFX
Lyrics by: N. Ahmad Muhaimin and M. Rafie
Produced by: N. Ahmad Muhaimin for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: M. Izaril @ The .XS Lab
Additional Scratches by: M. Izaril

Verse 1 (Mean)
Pick a poison to drown to, tonight I’mma drown fools
In blood and dripping acid, slay your heads with a sharp tool
Contented with the pleasure of breaking your necks
Mark the emblem on your heads, best not mess with the X
Purple this purple that, turn you purple when I attack
You better come correct or the feel the wrath of the X
Complex styles on records, blazing heat on the tracks
Yeah I come with the crack, when I’m dressed in all black
24:19 yeah we murdering cats
No animal abuse but I be slaying these cats
Went to the future and back, still number one with swag
And I be running this shit, still I ain’t breaking a sweat
Marty McFly with the style
Hieroglyphics with the rhymes
Pentagram on the crown
Triple 6 with the sound
Oh you ain't down with the X
You must be better than that
Clap back snap necks, XS on deck

Chorus (scratches)

Verse 2 (RAFX)
Samurai sword bringing you the keys of the dead
Call in the Megazord, NVMBR's here if you wanna play
RAFX burning this track if you don’t know
Metaphorically intelligent, so catch my flow
I turn to music when my life become impossible
Nothing physical, her beauty heals me like a miracle
Experience the magical in the state so, surreal
The basis of my strength, you know she’s irreplaceable
Castrate anything that goes against my movement
Eliminate the cataracts that try to blur my vision
I march forth since elementary conquer my mission
I won’t stop till I fucking reach my destination
These verses are curses to those that don’t believe in me
And up here and downwards and you ain’t seen the best of me
My verbal attacks turn your disses into silence
This 16 bars, will murder you like a virus

Chorus (scratches)
Track Name: Mean, RAFX, Maddie, Sheeq Luna & Psykes - NVMBR Protocol
Title: NVMBR Protocol
Artists: Mean, RAFX, Maddie, Sheeq Luna & Psykes
Lyrics by: N. Ahmad Muhaimin, M. Rafie, N. Muhammad, N. Ashriqin, A. Malek, Naufal Gani, Aidil Shah
Produced by: Naufal Gani for NVMBR CHLD
Recorded and Mixed by: Naufal Gani @ NVMBR CHMBRS

Verse 1 (Mean)
It’s the reign of the you-know-who
The manslaughter emcee gang is back for good
Assassinate the enemies and eat 'em up for food
I'll murder anybody who tries to act a fool
No Ludacris, boy
You'll be the next boy
Subliminal hits, I feel your shit is dope
But you acting all wack boy
Don't come and test me
You wanna take shots then take your aim to where it best be
And that's me

Verse 2 (RAFX)
Witness the sunrise shine, on a new day
Pack your wackness bitch, out of my way
I'll be your hometown hero in this dream team
So who's gon stop us now? You can dream dream
What you looking at boy
It's checkmate, your king's dead, get off the chess board
A floodgate of wordplay for the record
Weirdman is here, so feel the claws of the leopard

Chorus x2
Formation of the dark clouds
Be ready when we storm out
Yeah be ready when NVMBR Reigns

Verse 3 (Maddie)
I don't shoot for the stars
I kill your favourite star
When I'm spitting bars
Go hard as Tsar
Raising the bar
The never seen emcees like us before
Going in raw
You wanna war, expose your flaws
Leave you dead on the curb; open jaw
I'm Rebel Yell til I die; there ain't no question about it
And I roll for NVMBR, this is where the fuck that I started
I stick to my roots; I stand up for all my dawgs
So if you got a problem with one, I got a beef with alla yall

Verse 4 (Sheeq Luna)
Check this, get ready for the reckless
Bringing you deep into the hearts of NVMBR’s Chambers
Mind of a conqueror, levelling the emperor
Test your skills with the lady verbal sword fighter
You can’t run against the heights of the master
What you bring is dishonouring our culture
Leave the glory to the real rap saviours
Now bow down, to this new born warrior

Chorus x2

Verse 5 (Ilbril)
This next verse, is gonna be much worst
Your top claim murder is the same with my worst blunder
Despite the weather, I shine bright with November
The son of 88 creating rains till December
When the rain man joins the worst weather
We bout to bring storms, flash floods will be forever
You cats will never last, just forget about December
It’s the wrong move fucking with the CHLD of NVMBR

Verse 6 (Young)
Yo the emperor's bout to enter
The centre of your placenta
The agenda, we NVMBR, status go alpha Lagenda
Radiate waves, gamma rays, fire of a magma
Chronic image forms a passage
All the way to your retina
I cause a glacier when I gather chaos from our warrior sounds
And I let it go "BAM"
Like thunder pounding
I don't really need to tell you something obvious
Motherfucks like you can never test the Young & Dangerous

Verse 7 (Define)
Ain't a child of November, I'm a son of a dragon
Born in 88, keep it Gila like the movement
Exhale fumes, I spit flames in your dungeon
The joker emcee cats never dare to mention
You wanna battle? Well bring it son
I'm an elite, strapped in Mopp 4
With a fucking SAR21
Put up a one on my right
Twos on my left
Put 'em together up high
Represent till the death Jigga

Chorus x4

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