The Orientation

by XS.One The Regiment

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"The Orientation" is a compilation album featuring 20 original cuts by ''X'Scape Artists'' from XS.One The Regiment . The release date 10.10.10 will mark the commencement of their music orientation campaign. "The Orientation" serves as a prelude to followup compilation projects along with individual projects that are in currently in the works. Let "The Orientation" commence before a new semester begins in SGHipHop's School For X'Scape Artists...

This release will be available in both Digital (MP3) and Physical (CD) formats to connect with your Spiritual (Mind). The physical copy is a Limited Edition "Floppy Diskette" MP3-Data CD. Yes, the cover is an actual nostalgically obsolete 5.25" floppy diskette containing an MP3-Data CD. The CD contents include "The Orientation" album along with past releases which includes: "Str8 Jacks Vol.02 (Mixed by The IZA)" (2010 Mixtape), "Str8 Jacks Vol.01 (Mixed by DJ Ruxta)" (2008 Mixtape) & ''School For X'Scape Artists" (2007 Compilation). Yes, that means it's 4 albums in one disc all ready to be played/stored into your music player.

''XS.One The Regiment'' is the collective force when artists line-up from SGHipHop's ''The.XS Collective'' converge as one collaborative unit. Despite being below-the-radar for about a decade in the Singapore HipHop scene, these ''faceless'' rhymesayers and beatmakers have always been an unseen force to be reckoned with.

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released October 10, 2010


all rights reserved


Track Name: DJ Ruxta - The Orientation
[Scratch Phrases - DJ Ruxta]

Ish: "Good Evening, waddap holmes"
Shino: "XS.One Time!"
Shino: "We be the lyrical X'Scape Artists"
K-i-n-G: "Enrolled him in a school to sharpen his 6th sense"
Sez: "Bringin the best selection of the finest up in the game just like..."
Irfan: "The Academey of Xavier emcees"
DoggFace: "provide the completed manual for the semester"
Influent: "Ayo It's X"
Irfan: "X-S-dot-O-N-E"
Jay-One: "The Regiment Rejuvenates"
Shino: "Bring hope to the hopeless"
Irfan: "X-S-dot-O-N-E"
Shino: "Ayo we like the dead poets society"
Oddstar: "Degeneration X-S"
Azrael: "Start a revolution with a flow camp"
Adrenalene: "Reborn again with the oxygen, six side attackin' your pentagon"
Oddstar: "Uncanny like the X-Men so prepare for The Last Stand"
Influent:"Lyrical evangalists with this mic apparatus"
Ilbril: "For every victim we killed we mark their body with X"
Bless: "Execete expertise with my X-files experiment"
K-i-n-G: "XS.One heavyweight emcees"
Irfan: "Heavier than heavy metal is"
Bless: "Exclusive"
FreakyZ: "We got it all covered from day one don't need to brag shit"
FreakyZ: "XS.One similar to none"
Rauzan: "You can have the Main one but leave the Stream to XS.One"
Azrael: "I put you on a fullstop. Period. Dot-XS"

[Scratch routine - DJ Ruxta]

[Scratch Phrases - DJ Ruxta]
Azrael: "XS.One be The Regiment/ The rhyme military that be sparkin a movement"
Azrael: "The.XS Collective/ A school of thought that is open for every X'Scape Artists"
Irfan: "X marks the spot so put your X up"
Ish: "Throw your X up"
Track Name: Rhyme Renaissance
[Verse 1 - Azrael]
My motive's so loco that I'm derailing the train track
The main fact is that we don't deliver plain crack
We causing strained necks from head knodding to brain wrecks
The drought is over's time to bring the rain (reign) back
No 'make it rain' dance/ from all you Wayne 'stans'
I be the village shaman to pray for rain man
I'm way beyond the fad and gimmicks of your lame trends
The quiet storm/we fuckin up your game plan...

[Verse 2 -DoggFace]
Come aboard my train of thoughts/ I'ma teach you how to train your thoughts
Rain on thoughts/ You can never stop the reign of Dogg
Go against all odds/ I'ma get even
I'm the overload/ descend from the Garden of Eden
Hit you idiots with idioms/
My minions killing you millions crushin' your legions
The hideous heathen hidden in the dungeon
The mic-nificient metaphor militant
Rechargin lithium/ Bangin promethium...

[Verse 3 -Kill Bill]
Who you wanna fuck with/ Who you mess with
A to the Z I’m the modern day wordsmith
Hot like a gunsmith/ Beef better run quick
SG to MY I never got homesick
Indian kid with incredible flow
You ain’t never seen one like this before
Why you wanna hide for?/ Why you wanna front for?
Claim that you ballin’ but you ain’t never played ball
Your turn to run, my turn to shine
X be the sign, so stand in the line
Back on my grind and I’m backing my rhymes
Flow undefined I put an end to your time
Redefine how I redesign local flavour
so dope you ain’t never rasa
Reppin’ my region South East Asia
If you wanna know I’m from Singapura...

[Verse 4 -Influent]
A-yo this is not a feedback/ More like a sick track
Emcees with syntrax/ Flow with the index
Strap on a durex/ You be fuckin up my program
Your's implants/ We like Wu clan; X is the in-brand
Now march forth regulating every new steps
With each step we be leading all the ill cats
We bring back the ruckus/ Who blaze the context...

[Verse 5 -Jay-One]
XS hoist your flags up/ Feelers put your X up
Put your fist in the air like you really don't care lemme see u wild up
We getting so riled up/ Soaring the sky so high up
I'm reeling the vibes you feeling the hype ovations pile up
We wild out we rocking it hard at the helms man
Champion emcees you ain't gonna stand a chance man
When it comes to the mic device we got the upperhand
You be rocking with the best if you rolling with the clan...

XS.One The Rhyme Regiment
The academy of underground rap militants
Everybody stand up/ It's a rhyme renaissance
And we the generals/ Hands up and salute...
XS.One The Rhyme Regiment
And you know the flow sick there is no medicine
Everybody stand up/ It's a rhyme renaissance
And we the generals/ Hands up and salute...

[Verse 6 - Rauzan]
Back to the bible of my rhyme is/ Im is
stayin back to black flags where the sign is: X
Find your best that your highness
I bring shades to your light and leave you darkness
I flip it back and give you right we are the rhymers
See us at the streets oh yes we are your finest
You shouldn't mind us/ You know we run since
you'se too early to grab mics and start to write, Peace!

[Verse 7 -Define]
Now when it comes to the mic we’ll be the killer, killer
The smooth talking fully automatic weapon concealer
No other family can keep it muthafcuking ill
Still do this shit even hiphop ain't gona pay my bill
Suckas are plaques cavities we’ll be the bactidol
We’ll bring the change like it’s the Kyoto protocol
Spreading messages without spraying the aerosols
Numero Uno yeah we can never fall...

[Verse 8 - Yennadoushiii]
Behold the reign '24' black samurais cause you pain
We fuckin your mentality we make you go insane
We are insane/ Not mentally but lyrically and delivery
Stickin to our roots so fuck your motive to empower we
Rhyme military preach words heavy like the artillery
XS the definition you don't need the dictionary
We paint pictures/ We be the walkin pictionary
X'Scape Artists we bonded where the art is...

[Verse 9 - Ilohshix]
X the phenomenon/ I'm the paragon of the Cyphatron
like Decepticons; The Megatron
Causing mental trauma to your mom
when you come across the Ilohshix
you know that you need heavy armours
But even that shit couldn't harm us
Cause my clan would beat you
fuckin pussy rappers into humus
We Str8 Jacket fuckin rhymers
Crazy 88 ninja str8 from X'sylum

[Verse 10 - Shino]
Spitting the flow/ Now killin em all
Nobody can hold me down/ I'm outta control
My nature of rhyming is supernatural
I eat emcees you can call me cannibal
Fake emcees so edible eat em up
till they cant rap no more
I'ma stab animals with my rap animals
Spit animal rap that multiple stab
the back of your neck , boy
break your back boy with words no baseball bat boy
This bad boy unemployed/ Fuck the billboards
TheCrazy88 we deploy to destroy

[Chorus x 2]
Track Name: Kill Bill - Last Night
[Verse - Kill Bill]
I've been gone awhile I've been gone missing
The reason for that no exact definition
I took my time off cause I don't feel the same
Tryna reason with myself for something that you're to blame
The music don't make sense tryna make cents
The gigs that I attend sucks no offence
I see no crowd I see no support
The cheers that you gets from your own import
I turn it back a little when it was all good
65 was the hope man I wish it could
Go back where the lyrics over beats
Where the people wore shit but the music worshipped
Now the music is shit but the clothes pack heat
Fly as hell kicks but the rhymes offbeat
Every thing is auto tuned I guess the new in thing
R&B's taking over guess it's all N Sync
Facebook wall tags are the new trend
Maybe I'll do it to not to so I can blend
But just to show you how it's meant to be
How it should be done I bet you prolly will agree
I don't need no props just give me the mic
Rhymes over jacked beats but my shits tight
And I'm still right so you to the left
XS we mos def rep til the death
These days I see alot of Nicki Minaj
Alot of facade so I plug onto my ipod
And play Xstatix and let my Teardrop
And the First Draft 1st local (album) that I bought
I let the Silent (e)P blast through the speakers
And the First Storybook go through it's chapters
My own definition so FYMPS you
I'm a micbandit on Str8 Jacks part two
Lets Rewrite local rap again
And I'm hoping there's a part two to the Regiment
Uh dope ass hell gig I had goosebumps
I guess it's some me and ex still agree upon
Then it's Mr Young Love.Soul.Desire
Thanks for Therapy it really took me higher
The King EP now that's real effort
New kids on the block, urgh too much dirt
Let's Oddishen Theorize these new tracks
Cut the vocals off cause they all wack
I love the local scene so don't screw it
Make a good track and do justice to it
If not you should drop this for awhile
Rewind this shit and study in the meanwhile
And no I'm not back I'll be stil gone
I hope my word is born pay attention
Track Name: X'Statix feat. Jay-One - X-Techticron [Coal Diggaz]
[Verse 1 - Azrael]
Who Lyrics? Got Beats? Got Flow?
Now you know how we do whether the flow's fast or it's slow
This ain't no club hit,
more like a fight club shit, That's right
Rappers are fake like silicone
That's why I implant and detonate the bomb
with X'Statix & Decepticons
Connect and transform into the verbal X-Techticron
My rhymes cold dig ya like coal diggaz
That's why we burn emcees coz emcess can never figure
Like Phat B & Philosofi I'm the rap fundamentalist
Bring back the legacy, let me be the rap catalyst
Cause you know how we do/ Fusion of the raw essence
and the positive rhyme elegance
and we spit relevance/ Let this be a rhyme renaissance
And I move for the movement of the underground lyricists
Limitless flows on synthesized synthesis
Repeat the syntax of my sentances coz HipHop be my emphasis

[Chorus x2]
Like coal diggaz/ Our rhymes cold dig ya
Emcees we burn ease coz emcees don't figure
They stick ta' commercialized thinkin they could step ta'
But never that coz we comin thru ahead like...

[Verse 2 - Influent]
We comin through ahead like coal diggaz
more like jack the ripper
the rhymesayers/ more less that we deliver
the illest cypher/ amplify it to ur speakers
the johnny blazing/that be killing over instinct
we steady shining/ 99 till the present
word has it/ xs we monumentally relevant
never knew about those nonsense
as one we are the rising sun
we be tech mind disperse your wack rhymes
brush your own own line before you cross mine/ son
let it be my pinnacle/ you
best keep it on the minimal
we ill in the mental/now feed on this sample
return to the cycle/coz we the revival
your styles just artific
together crossed out nails like it was a crucifix

[Verse 3 - Shino]
the vocal debacle evoke the rebel in your mental
illamental spittin metaphorical syllablles diabolical
diabolical lyrical fusion of the fundamental
fundamental logical in the mental
in this raw package lyricist ejaculate
rhyme that will penetrate
the hate obliterate annihalate eradicate
into the replicate of ashes
where ya class disintergrate
where the aura rise and then we elevate
the elevation of this element
ressurection of this regiment we eminent
Accelerate the heart again
leavin you in vain like i was your sovereign
Shino reign, rage against the machine of the modern game
then i be that enzyme dat disperse ypur wack rhyme
diverse phat rhyme dat be cursin your tact mind
you question bout raw then i'll define
one of a kind the rawest heavenly divine

[Verse 4 - Jay-One]
Now go figure/ this shite's of the richter’s
I craft phat rhymes / as though i got em gold fingers
we cavaliers/ xs be the premiers (premiers)
bring hope to the hopelessness
drop style so ridiculous
emcees we burn ease cause they don’t do their figures
naysayers/ mayne how you gon' stop us
we showstoppers/ how you goon' stop us?
how u goon' top us?/ your style so hideous
we got some swaggers/all you got is some staggers
so so tremendous
xs the starplayers/ step aside u benchwarmers
and we fly like em saucers
we so fly your resource wanna source us
we aint a bunch of braggers but
no one in the corner got a style so marvellous


Track Name: K-i-n-G - Melayu Layu
Ngapa Melayuku, mereka Me-Layu
Ngapa Melayuku, mereka Me-Layu
Di Pinggir dari, mata penyelamat
Pinggir dari, mata penyelamat

[Verse 1]
Ngapa melayuku, mereka terbiar
adakah ini akibat media massa
hati pun disiksa , tergila dunia
kepentingan diri, terlupa pusara jua
badan lah bahtera , menumpang rohani
berlayar di lautan, masa dan takdir
adakah mereka , tersedar tertunggu nya neraka
meruntuhkan kewibawaan ibu dan bapa
yang terus, harus mengorbankan akal
fikiran dan peluh untuk rezeki yang halal
oh anak ! pamerkanlah akhlak yang berwibawa
akhirkanlah keruntuhan akhlak akhir zaman nya


[Verse 2]
Ngapakah anak ku, Jiwanya diserang ?
Hati yang cerah, tercemar hingga berlegam
Benarkanlah aku rakamkan ragam dan ragam
menembusi dengan lyrics dan pancaragam
menembusi berbagai alam terkenang masa silam
terlanjur yang dihidang, tertumpul lah ketajaman
yang diharapkan, sebagai harapan
untuk melindungi keperimanusiaan
hentikan pertandingan... antara individu bertabiat baratan
lihatlah kau didalam... apa niat di hati yang meningkatkan azam
tahulah perbezaan... antara sukses minimum dan kesyukuran
keruntuhan berjangkitan, penyakit berkeliaran
jangan putus asa masa depan
maih di genggaman

Track Name: Psykes - The Reason Of Absence
[Verse 1 - Young]
So what's good my brothers? 'Bout time we get back
Pick up where we left off and bless this track
Yo Define and Ilbril, it's been too long
But you know I keep you both close everytime I pen a song down
So fill me in, where you've guys been?
It's been quite a while since Psykes was last seen
On stages moving crowds, yeah we were fire
I rep Psykes whenever; It's my Love.Soul.Desire
Believe me the ink in my pen never flowed the same way
Pre-show excitement never felt the same way
For real, but it's cool, we still a crew
But it feels kinda empty rockin' stages without you two
And I know this may never be permanant
But let's ride once again and resurrect the moments
of the days back in '06 before we lose it
But above all it's always brothers before music. Cool...

Yeah this feel good like the colours of the rainbow...
And let it fill the sky Psykes is back so let's fly...

[Vrse 2 - Ilbril]
Let me re-ignite the flame that was once blazin
A fiery flame kept inside deeply burning
The one torch that provided us with the only light
Psykes was never gone, better get your facts right
I know, it's been a while since we last spit
Trashin up the stage like as though it was a mosh pit
Leavin the mic but you know I'll never drop it
I took some time off so I can loosen up my spirit
Ilbril, Young & Define we'll never drift apart
Cause I know that we be under a one heart
An open door that can never be shut
Ilbril will never leave it alone
You knew that from the start
So let us relieve the moments together
like back in '06; the past, present, future
The broken structure shall be made stronger
Let's close up the gap and do this my brothers...


[Verse 3 - Define]
Mr Young be asking ‘where u at, where u at?’
Define’s not hibernating still ready for an attack
Took my rhymebook off the shelf & wipe the dust a lil
Still feeling my pen while jotting down a few scribbles
The reason for my absence I dono where to start
Cus I was dealing with complicating matters of the heart
Now I promise myself not to let priorities clash
Definitely Psykes still be rising from the ashes
Still rocking mics like we the lyrical cannibals
Rage to the beat with the rise of every decibel
With XS, militants with a mission
Move like a phantom scoping u with our night vision
There comes a time im’ma hang the mic up
But we’ll take it down one day to show i’ve never given up
There comes a time we gona hang the mic up
But we’ll take it down one day to show we’ve never given up

[Chorus x 3]
Track Name: DoggFace, Ilohshix & Kill Bill - Kult Muzik
[Verse 1 - DoggFace]
I'm not here to impress or cater to your interest
I intend to implant the weapons that I indent
I'm what he invent; Pain and anger in flesh
I'm the open waters that sharks infest
I inject intellectual discourses
Banish satanic forces with trampling horses
I'm the awesome horseman
I'm the cortez of the disfunctional quartet
I'm the conquistador
Rex-Raus-The-Saur, Quest to soar
Ripping windsor and crack the earth's core
I'm the bomb you can't diffuse
I'm the temptations you can't refuse
I'm the opportunity you have abused
I'm the trust you have misused
I'm the truth you can't deny
I'm the orders that you can't defy
I intertwine with divine to design this holy rhyme
XS.One The Alumni...

[Chorus - Ilohshix]
We were blind in the mind the first time we started this
cult, embarked, as a result we fathered this
form of art that men been practicing
and these tracks from way way back is still listened
by emcees, who studied the raw forms and mastered degrees
and that ceased these universities
of hip hop, as we sweet talk these bars of sick topics
making your trip stops
we were blind in the mind the first time we started this
cult, embarked, as a result we fathered this
form of art that men been practicing
and these tracks from way way back is still listened
by emcees, who studied the raw forms and mastered degrees
and that ceased these universities
of hip hop, as we sweet talk these bars of sick topics
making your trip stops

[Verse 2 - Kill Bill]
They never really gave a shit about me back then
But now they wanna join the band since I did Badman
Back then, I was tryna make the mark
They didn't wanna hear my shit
They didn't even give a fuck
I was better than your favourite crew
But fuck it, at least I'll be your least favourite dude
I guess they don't wanna hear the truth
But we don't lie eveytime when we step in the booth
We keep it raw, we bout the rhymes and beats
Your style is flaccid, You bout the fame and bitch
The bling and rich, Who's got more radio hits?
After all I guess shit is what the media feeds
Sell the souls to the devil just to make that cash
We clearing your mess call it take out trash
We guns above the roses so call me Slash
If ya'll HipHop, we shall put it to rest..

Track Name: Shino - Murder Shi Wrote
[Verse 1 - Shino]
I spit verses like viruses
punch lines like boxers
make yall see stars sleep in comas
im not common
red alert bring on the siren
i rip mic and i turn deadly violent
see you dont want beef you just dick ridin
cant steal the light ? ayo im still shinin
still shinin whenever i rhyme and
you cats just jealous
yall still cant do it like i can
this tracks is the clash of the titans
you just nonesense so stop faking
rhyme like kids watching cartoons on weekends
my flows foreign no way you cant beat meh
im overdose with dope not over coke
like macy when u see me i make you choke
fake emcees suck mic like deepthroat
whenever i write shit they all say its murder 'shi' wrote.

[Scratches - The IZA]

[Verse 2 - Shino]
You see my style's drunken
like sippin vodka
im taking over you
so fake emcee better move
its big shits poppin
a sick man on a loose
lose lose lose like you do so screw you
you you you still cant do it like i do
coz you's a fake and im true
no matter whut you do
like fire i still burn your crew
solo shino's turnin solo
so run mofo run run mofo
so run if u can
like a marathon son
you's a joke
like that clown from the simpson
yes you cracking me up
you cracking me up
your verses really really make me wanna throw up
yup if you down putcha x up
well if you dont you can go shut the fuck up
Track Name: Kill Bill - All About The X
[Verse 1]
We at the 57, we drop bombs like 911
Haters keep talking shit 24/7
Their mouths open, never shut like 7 Eleven
So I knock em out, turn violent cause I'm indian
I know you playing us your speakers on blast
We even got your girls saying we are the sex
Right now and onwards, I'm rolling with the best
Fuck your swag homie, now I'm all about the X


[Verse 2]
we do it big homie, we do it for the regiment
Check our status quo, we be running for the president
You been sleeping too long, you better wake up
If you cant keep up, I suggest you shut the fuck up
XS what it do, I'm doing fine
Never cared about the money but I stay on my grind
Bitches and hoes aint got nothing on my flow
When I throw my X up you know what its fo


[Verse 3]
Rejuvenate, we bring the level of the game up
Raise the bar of standards and now you gotta catch up
We the best, so there's nothing to brag about
Just look at how many spots got X marked
Yeah I put on all black
I wave a black flag got my brothers on my back
Ertime I put it down you know its a wrap
And now, its a BrandNewFeeling to my rap

Track Name: Ilohshix - The Iron Lung
[The Iron Lung]
I am the clan's youngest abbot
the kid with the mantis technique, enemies are severed
paws of leopards and claws
that slices your skin like swords
who the fuck is your warlord?
i heard that your technique is raw
the red fists of boar
and that you had thousand heads rolling on the floor
but cant compare to me, absorbing soul of enemies
like solar energies
legs of mantodies, tang lang shou
my slang could've slain your whole school of kung fu

[The Enemy]
my style is the fist of the lotus
and clans from any dojo scared to provoke us
the youngest shogun, yeah i heard of you
no mercy, spare no one, i shall murder you
i heard of a young one, named iron lung
who run around with a bad tongue
figured it was you who disfigured my best ninja
rumours has it that your master was the iza

[The Iron Lung]
yeah, he thought me all, the styles and the secrets
no other clans kick it the same way we flip it

[The Enemy]
you talked to much, save your breath and keep it
you're about to die in your district

[The Iron Lung]
don't you know how many heads i've twisted?

[The Enemy]
who fucking care?
i'll just cut your head and disappear in thin air

[The Iron Lung]
my doggface technique will bring fear
when i sip the sake and drink beer

[The Enemy]
i'll watch your skin tear

[The Iron Lung]
drunken monkey, remain drunk

[The Enemy]
that technique killed more than a thousand shaolin monks

[The Iron Lung]
one more word and i'll cut your fucking tongue

[The Enemy]
prepare for the pounding of the gong
with my fist of king kong

[The Iron Lung]
yeah i heard of the technique

[The Enemy]
hush and get ready to die

[The Iron Lung]
hmmm you bastard!

Track Name: Mean, Rauzan, Yennadoushiii & Azrael - Evil
[Verse 1 - Mean]
I'm on fire, light it up / no drizzy
flow so chill like the wind so breezy
bring my crew down oh not so easy
scratch your game up now call me a dj
i rise on my feet / its a standing ovation
i put you to sleep / just fuck the sedation
bake this beat up, now serve the cake raw uh
wanna brag about your shit right now huh
burn in hell muthafucka go ahead die
two eyes not one, i can't lie
eliminate, your shit i hate
illuminate, your lights i break
its a break out when my shit don't sell out
where's the parade your men all fell out
i suggest you boys fall out
before i start to bring all my boys out

I keep feelings all inside,
I write whuts all in mind,
No evil hate I keep em all in lines,
Tonyte, (I'm On Fire)

[Verse 2 - Rauzan]
Evil Stop,I illumi not,
Need no fire,Burnt one higher,
No tri on this,Angle my fist to your lips,
That's if,
You speaking to the wrong dude,
Listen to the one,Crude,
mass switch feel one,In,
Teach 1?
Bin That Dude never listen,
Never dissin,
Yous just missin,
flow wise,Beats nice,
Raps fail,Beats dead,
Whut the fuck they want?
Mute, Killing?
I'm cute,Realing,
az mean,
We dudes chilling

I keep feelings all inside,
I write whuts all in mind,
No evil hate I keep em all in lines,

[Verse 3 - Yennadoushiii]
Tonight, I clock a thousand heads
The heads unite,tonight for a common dread
Move crowds loud as thunder
Shake the foundation of the ground we under
Heartless, my world turns to Por Vida
Got me hanging by a thread, causing my La Vida
Living Loca, psychology I'ma major in
Not majority, Anarchy MC, I'm minority
I'm on fire, we on fire
Play with fire and get burn
Burn, motherfucker burn
Burn in hell, cos I can tell
Yousa fake, your songs can't sell
Well, you should recognise real
I suggest you fuck your fake riches,bitches
Jangan macam paham, please eh!

I keep feelings all inside,
I write whuts all in mind,
No evil hate I keep em all in lines,
Tonyte, (I'm On Fire)

[Verse 4 - Azrael]
I'm never down with the evils that man do
I'm just bein real I dont mean to offend you
The rhyme traveller/ I'm a tourist
Backpackin emcees: X'plorers
of the mind/ Burn forest
To Absord this/ gotta be porous
Rhyme Meditation: Solace
School for X'scape artist: Scholars
We Advance/ you stay novice
Mortal kombat victory: flawless
Now try check where ya level is
Before thinkin that u one step ahead of us
Yeah I am part what elite is but
I reject the mindest of an elitist
So let all eat a humble pie
Murder our pride let the ego die...

[Chorus x2]
I keep feelings all inside,
I write whuts all in mind,
No evil hate I keep em all in lines,
Tonyte, (I'm On Fire)
Track Name: Azrael & Jay-One - Braggin' Rights
[Verse 1 - Azrael]
Yeah it's the new era/ flag wearer/ XS flag bearer
Stay fitted I'm committed like a brand seller
Guerilla hustler/ Proving that my brand's better
XS/ I believe nobody's brand's better
I set standards/ but I ain't no trendsetter
Cause I don't ride trends/ Fuck being a trendsetter
I'm a minimalist/ Yeah I'm a simple dude
I make things my staple/ like staple food
So I don't be like: "Yo, that's so yesterday"
Cause what's yesterday made you what you are today
And what I am today is really what I am today
I don't gotta brag just go check the résumé
The portfolio is Oreo/ Cause haters wanna bite
and jack the swaggerdocio
You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ rights...

You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ right (Right!)
And you know we got the braggin’ rights
Jay-One & Azrael got the braggin' rights
You prolly think I'm braggin right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ right (Right!)
And you know we got the braggin’ rights
XS-Dot-One got the braggin' rights

[Verse 2 - Jay-One]
Talk about them braggin’ rights? I brag so right
My swag so tight that I got your sights
I flow so nice you might bite what I write
My plight? Huh, take flights to heights
And drop the dynamite so you run and hide
You ain’t rhymin’ right/ I'm the rhyming knight
With the armour of light/ that will shine the night
The reflection so bright I will shine tonight
When I floss/ I illuminate the stars
Outerspace emcees we invading mars
Containing the heat with them blazing bars
I'm the one in the hot seat setting the par
Right about now/ I think the timing's alright
I write about now so I write what's right, huh
You prolly think I'm braggin’ right?
But you know I still got my braggin’ rights...

Track Name: Yennadoushiii - Pride
[Verse 1]
Yes I'm rolling with the best, I put my pride X up!/
So proud, even got my pinky pointer shown out./
Cos I rock so heavy, heavier than the iron maiden./
Yes, I am iron made, so you can call me "I-ain't-satan."/
I ain't hating on you suckers who tries to be me/
Cos truthfully, I'm telling you it sucks to be me!/
You can go around town and blabber shit about me/
But, no one ever succeed in trying to pull me/
D-d-down like the temperature./
Wait, I ain't no thermometer./
But I'ma be the doctor giving MCs as your caretaker./
Class is now in session, .XS will be taking care of you/
Welcome to the class of 2010, I'll be your monitor.


[Verse 2]
I got my bragging rights too, right?/
do I rock the mic right? Right!/
Now here's the thing, do you rock the mic right? Wrong!/
Mic check 1,2,1,2! My pun's intended, tell me what you gonna do?/
You can come back with a track or you can leave it too./
Cos I've got all the time, you're 2 weeks pass your dues./
Start realising that, you don't need a part deux./
Cos we'll be coming back with a bigger fortune./
And when we come, we're here to stay./
We're, we're here to stay./
So watch out for the reign, when the regiment rejuvenates./
We're for the kids, you better stay for treats./
Cos I will be the realest, that's how yennadoushiii.(Yenna do shit!).

Track Name: X'Statix - Whatchu Wear
[Chorus - Azrael]
You are not what you wear/ You are what you about
Clothes don't make a man/ Man make they own clothes
You be who you be if you really understand
You should do you if you wanna represent
I am not what I wear/ I am what I'm about
Clothes don't make a man/ I define my own clothes
I be who I be coz I truly understand
So I just do me that is what I represent

[Verse 1 - Azrael]
Everything that we rock/will become hiphop
like every evolution of fashion in hiphop
Just like the music/It's a constant evolution
Every single image in rap was a revolutuion
Rock them fly kicks or be chillin in flip flops
I'm still hiphop because my heart is hiphop
Rock them fly gears or be chillin in cheap tops
Yo you still hiphop if your heart is in hiphop
Some wear it XL some prefer their tees "smedium"
Size don't matter/Hiphop's our medium
Keep it iced out or keep it on the minimal
We all blinged out when hiphop is in our spiritual

[Chorus - Shino]

[Verse 2 - Shino]
You don't have blinged out to be hip hop
but if your rhymes stands out now thats hip hop
You don't have to rock the durags to be hip hop
but if you can wreck the mic now that's hip hop
hip hop,is mind over matter
she really don't care what you be wearin
the microphone is where my millionaire wear is
the rhymes i spit portrays my fashion senses
knowledge is king king is knowlege gotta understand it

[Verse 3 - Influent]
This is not a fashion statement get the fuck off my face bro
Silly ignorant a rip-off just like a dildo
Whether it's XS or even in XL
I'ma wear what I feel is right
So what's the deal bro?
For your info this is a culture
Get your facts right it's best that you follow
Coz my flow be shinin' fast you not even a tempo
My clothes be bangin chicks before you can even hello

[Chorus - Influent]

[Verse 4 - Azrael]
Whether I'm all blinged out or got my backpack on
I'ma still represent with or without a flag on
I don't wanna drag on/on how you always brag on
While we stay more fresher like we keep our tags on
When it comes to hiphop/There's no wrong or no right
Some like to wear it loose some like more tight
Some keep they jeans slim/some prefer it lil' baggy
Some pull they pants up/some like it lil' saggy
Some stay hood/some like it more preppy
It really don't matter just as long as you happy
Fly and flashy/Street wear or designer
Regardless/ your heart and your mind will define ya...

[Chorus - Azrael]
Track Name: Ilohshix - Samadhi Thoughts
[Verse - Ilohshix]
nod your head till it pops off your neck
its a torture track
rhymes gets stretched on a torture rack
you wont see your bosses back
after getting tossed and smacked
its permanent when your frame and the floors intact
the raw syntax of these raps be causing that
you wont grasp the point even with more indexes
form infectious viruses that'll burst your iris of osiris is
cyrus like hannah and montana
your bars of glamour
disobeyed too many rules grammar
hard hits like the hammer, cracked your camp up
till they quit this
these weak kids be babbling shit with they're thick lips
tongues are twisted just like the spirals
forget survival, the arrivals of your rivals is viral
a few rhymes recycled for the nature
half man half cyborg, rock like the terminator
with bjork, eccentric tunes on the background
when you hear my name you duck, protect your neck now
before you black out, yeah the darkness orbits
and we war kids be morbid
talk with a slang, walk with the clan
my rhymes ahead of time and advance
like japan technologies, eulogies for the fallen
we busy killer bees smoke trees for the pollen
swollen and hard rock, got my dick sucked by medusa
designed kaleidoscopic rhyme patterns to confuse ya
with psilocybin effects that been infected with fluid extracts
enzymes produced and given out by lysergic acid
your logic seeks the exit
but the system of your frame interior rejects it
causes bad trips, defective
face of blues, no clues, the detective sherlock
in the scene,
leaving you green like murdoc
i breeze to the tracks emcees you never heard off
i blast my words off
to space, so the whole universe could hear it
perform an autopsy on your verse before its buried
to examine
the bio pattern inscribed in old latin and roman
appear as a divine being suited in satin and chrome
cracking the bone, trapped in the dome
i warned you to leave the fat kid alone
now you done fucked up and be crying shit
every night wishing you'd die and shit
by getting high, you'll never touch the sky like flying fish
young and mad, fine intellect like dexter
i sat down and laugh on my throne like a master, the sensei
tongue tied the words that your sense says
uglify your form till they couldn't trace the template
the iloh, heavy rhymes scaled by kilo
million rhymes rest in my throat ready to reload
and we evoke

[Scratches - The IZA]
Track Name: All About The X (RMX)
[Verse 1 - Kill Bill]
I’m XS to tha dot One motherfucker
I make it rain rhymes call me child of NVMBR
Lady lover, beats I rhyme fucked her
If your fam want it too then you know its mass murder
Mad so Gila, you know we bring Danjah
Ain’t no glocks but you know I’m AKilla
I’m a Bad Man, As Me no Sicker
Now I’m all about the X, so fuck all your swagger

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]
Xperiment gone wrong when I became the specimen
A new discovery,A new addition to the regiment
As we march forth like rap's hooligans
Wear a proud X mark on the chest like a talisman
Or, you can call me Mr. Tally man
I'll be tallying many men that I
lyrically kill, or lyrically fill
Your minor rap's(minahrep) brain with thousand years of pain

[Chorus Scratches - DJ Ruxta]

[Verse 3 - Shino]
It's all about the X-men, now xtend
XS hi-flyer like X games
Now explain the reason why wack emcees need their sex change
Accident is bout to happen if you T-Pain I suggest you need an aspirin
Y'all wanna hate y'all playing with a death game
Cause XS we on a daily burning emcees campaign
We sick in the membrane our rhyme inject poison
My regiment leaving emcees trembling in their timbalands

[Verse 4 - Azrael]
We make you see sounds: Hiphop psychedelics
Experience ecstatic while you're at it
Audio narcotics/ No crack cocaine
Yeah it's like nirvana/ no Kurt cobain
The ill pharmacist/ check what I prescribe
Str8 from the laboratory/ words cannot describe
Fly to the moon on L.S.D.
Now that's Love.Soul.Desire; pure ecstacy coz...

[Chorus Scratches - DJ Ruxta]

[Scratch Solo - DJ Ruxta]
Track Name: X'Sylum - Xzit The Entrance
[Verse 1 - Alien Tongue]
We civilised with savages / Cannibal corpses
We eat emcees / Count dead bodies with abacus
Squeeze Einstein's head / Suck knowledge
Sip brain juice like cold beverages
Separate your head from your body structure
Hell raising needles on your face like the acupunture
The present of death around you is pungunt
Criminals in cells / Dragons and dungeons
You trapped in a pit / Where the beast are plunging
Sweeney Todd-ing emcees and served as lunch
Punchlines of a sixth sense / God's punches
Sword swinging emcees / Lyrics written in kanji
Vision of Ghandi / I see through my lenses
Blood ink / I used to wrote this sentence
Raised from the streets where the kids are senseless
If you don't like this / Exit the entrance


[Verse 2 - Sick Boy]
I script out the pages / You've been looking for ages
You fakers are fresh / My style Shaolin and Ancient
Lyrics form of martial arts or medicine
It's evident / I burned emcees while on a meditation
Better protect your neck
My style San Soo / Fool / My art / Kung-Fu you
Like Jimmy Woo
'Cos I study Wu-Tang / I'm equal to you ten
You got no logic / 'Cos I just murdered your common sense
I spit sick / Sicker than any 16 Kingdoms
On 16 bars / I master the Art from the 36 Chambers
I'm the reason for writer's block in your mental
So you jump off the building while grippin' on a pencil
And stab you in the temple
Till you couldn't handle
Outline your body where it dropped / Just like a stencil
Piercing venom in your foramen magnum
This is X'Sylum
Infesting mics in your rectum

Track Name: Azrael - AudioBook
[Verse 1 - Azrael]
Helo my name's Ril and I really like to flow
But I'm prolly just one of the rappers that don't matter though
Keep ya dough/ Just pay me your mind
I just wanna share my rhyme hope you could spare me your time
Local rap songs? I guess they like the wack ones
Fuck being dope/ Look at the crap posted on facebook
So many likes on shitty rap shit
We go way harder/ They dont give a crap, shit
But do I stop? No i keep on keepin on
Hopin' that the ones that truly care still listen on
I guess thats YOU, you listened up to this point
Appreciate it, thanks for listening to this joint
So many weak rap acts that dissapoint
But they still neglect us like they miss a point
I ain't sayin we the best/ that's DJ Khaled
But compared to the rest yeah we fuckin valid
So try to match the fuckin resume
You disagree and choose to leave? Yes you may
But quit now before you flood the game with wackness
We str8 jacket emcess/ We the madness
My every move adds to my c.v.
But I wonder if you'd buy if I sold you my CD
Would you even care to take it if I gave to you free?
Could it end up in your massive collection of mp3?
This rap shit is my spiritual portfolio
That I wish to share with those who truly listen yo
My motivation is way beyond the material
Because the beauty of this life a like a miracle
I am a human being/ so i am imperfect
But that's the nature of things so that IS perfect
Beyond the flaw there is order in chaos
And thru my being im reflectin my ethos
If you manage to listen up to this point
Then you've reached the desired attention span of this joint
There's no catchy hooks for you to sing-a-long to
It's a poetic audiobook you read along to
and i'm hopin you could share this and pass it on
And linkin every chain of message im passin on
But if you choose to ignore then just carry on
i'd still walk same the path that im walkin on...

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